Resident Evil 4 is getting a remake for PS5, and although Capcom isn’t ringing the church bells in excitement of full PSVR 2 support, the developer says we should at least expect “PSVR 2 content”.

It’s a marked departure from the full-throated PSVR support announcement for Resident Evil 7 Biohazard when it was first unveiled at E3 2016, which lets you play the game start to finish in VR.

This makes it a bit unclear as to what “PSVR 2 content” really means, as it could either suggest full support, or ‘experience-style’ bonus material, which would frankly be a bit of a let down.

Image courtesy Capcom

After all, Resident Evil 4 is already playable in VR via Meta Quest 2, although there are some key differences to note. The version for Quest 2 wasn’t a remake as such, but rather an uprezzed port of the original game, while the PS5 version is slated to be a ground-up remake ostensibly in the same vein of Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020). 

Meta is Bringing One of Its Most Popular VR Games to PSVR 2

It seems dubious that all the VR-specific work Armature Studio put into the Quest 2 version will necessarily translate since we’re essentially dealing with an entirely different point of departure in terms of development. What’s more, Capcom had no issue announcing that Resident Evil Village is coming to PSVR 2 with full motion controls.

This could point to two likely scenarios: Capcom is playing coy and will announce that its “PSVR 2 content” allows you to play the full game, either at launch or at some point afterwards, or we’re really actually just getting a PSVR 2 flavored experience. Either way, we’re hoping to find out before the game’s March 24th, 2023 launch date.

Check out the game’s PS5 announcement trailer below:

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  • Andrew Jakobs

    Hopefully coming to PCVR as well.

    • ApocalypseShadow

      Possibly. But then there’s RE7. Modders will have to work double time to make these games into PC VR that will be just native releases on PS VR 2.

      • Tommy

        but will still look better on a RTX 3090 than the RTX 2070 Super comparable GPU in the PS5 :)

        • ApocalypseShadow

          Possibly. But then, PS VR 2 will have controller and headset features PC doesn’t have. You’re going to have to rely on Modders again just to get that working.

          Thing is, PC really has no big developers making games. It will only start getting big games BECAUSE of Sony. Without Sony, PC would be a barren wasteland waiting on Modders to port something into VR. That’s how important PC VR is. No big developers. Relying on Quest games upscaled onto RTX 3090s. And not everyone has that graphics card for it to matter.

          You can thank Sony for their second, real push into VR. And not just an experiment like the first.

          • Tommy

            Yeah man, I was getting worried that Sony would drop VR support after PSVR. They are truly going to be the only ones pushing high end VR games. I just hope I’ll be able to use the PSVR2 with PC. I would love to use one headset for everything.

    • Gonzax

      I wouldn’t hold my breath for that, sadly.

  • Christian Schildwaechter

    I’d assume they will make the whole game playable in VR, and the “PSVR2 content” label is mostly due to VR not being part of the initial 2004 GameCube version design for obvious reasons. Compared to it RE8 development started around mid 2016, with RE7 featuring PSVR support being released in early 2017. RE7 development had started in 2014 with some prototypes going back further, basically parallel to Oculus DK1/DK2 lacking any type of hand tracking, so VR in RE7 still feels patched in and relies on a gamepad.

    The RE8 designers had the benefit of hand tracking already being established, knowledge of the matching PSVR2 hardware and Sony’s push towards hybrid games that account for both pancake and VR versions gameplay. Meaning it is very likely that RE8 VR will provide a profoundly more “native” VR feel than RE7 or RE4 ever could without significantly altering the established gameplay. So they may simply be cautious to label both RE8 and the RE4 remake similarly as PSVR2 games, as the first was “designed for” and the second only “adapted for” VR.

    Besides this reasoning why they are labeled differently, I’d expect Sony to want the RE4 remake to be fully playable on PSVR2 simply for the sake of showing off how much more powerful the PS5 is compared to Quest 2 (3/4 …). We still have a serious lack of AAA titles on (mobile) VR, and RE4 pretty much became the poster child to prove running titles from a well known AAA gaming franchise is possible on Quest 2, even if it relies on 2011 remastered graphics of a 2004 game and still has to compromise a lot. RE4 was a clever move by Meta, stealing some thunder from the exclusive PSVR RE7 mode as the better VR experience.

    Pretty sure Sony wants that crown back, not only stomping on the Quest RE4 port (in more than one way) with PSVR2 RE8, but also by allowing people to fully experience RE4 but with 2022 graphics on a GPU with twelve times the performance of the Quest 2. Once the PSVR2 is released, comparisons with the Quest 2 will be inevitable, incl. why one should buy a peripheral to an already expensive game console when you can get a fully self contained mobile VR HMD for a similar price. Being able to play through the same game on both platforms would provide for a very simple and convincing showcase, which wouldn’t work if they only added some partial VR content. 2016 AAA Rise of the Tomb Raider has “VR support”, but only for exploring Croft manor, and nobody considers it an AAA VR game, it is basically just another VR tech demo.

  • Gonzax

    It doesn’t sound like the full game, more like an extra mode. Hopefully Praydog will work his magic again and give us another awesome mod for us to enjoy full VR.

  • peter vasseur

    If it’s not the full game who cares. Especially when re8 will be full game vr. Also make no sense to launch two re games For vr and twd at launch. So I still believe psvr2 is coming this yr. To all the alleged fools in the industry that think they know you don’t.

  • Geogaddi

    Maybe it’s just the figurine viewer for VR. That would sure make a lot of VR enthusiasts happy! ;)

  • Christian Schildwaechter

    It is unlikely that they will use any part of the Quest 2 RE4 port for a number of reasons. 2004 RE4 on GameCube used a predecessor to Capcom’s “MT Framework”, the game engine used for most of their PS3/Xbox 360 generation games. The Quest version is based on the 2011 remaster that used MT Framework, and wasn’t created by Capcom themselves, but outsourced to Armature Studio, which ported it to Unreal Engine. Most likely because MT Framework isn’t developed anymore, Capcom replaced it with RE Engine starting with RE7 (RE5/6 still used MT), so there simply was no Quest/VR support for MT Framework, forcing the engine switch. They reused the graphics assets from the HD remaster and ported/adapted the source code for UE plus the Oculus SDK.

    The PSVR2 RE4 will not be a port, but a remake, which usually means they recreate the game mostly from scratch. As Capcom is creating the PSVR2 version themselves, they will most certainly use the RE Engine that PSVR2 RE8 is also build with, and recreate textures and models to make use of the new and much improved lighting and performance options. Not sure how much of the system itself they can or want to reuse, or if they will simply toss out all of the old source code.

    This is of course a lot more effort than translating an existing version, but allows for better integration of newer tech and paradigms, which should be very beneficial when trying to make it playable in VR. Which also means it would be such a wasted opportunity to only make it partly available in VR, esp. when they have all the VR interaction mechanics already in the RE Engine thanks to RE8. We’ll have to wait for Capcom to clarify “PSVR 2 content”, which could be Capcom delaying full VR to not compete with RE8, or a reference to a different design, or something completely different like Meta having a two year exclusive right to offer the full RE4 in VR. Or just strange marketing speech.

    • kool

      I hope we get the remake in VR idk what they’ll actually give us.