Resolution Games, a leading developer of XR content, today revealed a new AR division of the company that will focus more directly on the creation of AR content.

Today during the Augmented World Expo conference, Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm announced on stage that the company is spinning up an AR division. While the company has built AR content previously, the new division marks a firmer commitment to the medium; the studio says it has three AR games in development, though it isn’t clear if they are targeting hand-held AR devices, immersive AR headsets, or both.

To support the its new AR division, Resolution Games says it’s hiring a Producer and Senior Programmer dedicated to its AR efforts, alongside a handful of other roles it’s looking to fill on its jobs page.

The announcement came during a presentation at AWE by Qualcomm in which it announced its Snapdragon Spaces platform, a suite of tools for AR development, which Resolution Games says it will be using.

Resolution Games was an early mover in the VR space with games like Bait! (2016) and Wonderglade (2017) on Gear VR, and on more recent VR headsets the company has focused on social VR games like Blaston (2020) and Demeo (2021).

Earlier this year the studio announced that it had raised $25 million in Series C funding which it said would be used to build live service games for AR and VR.

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    When I see images like someone playing AR games while out in public in a busy trainstation my toes curl of anger. That’s something that should be blocked at all costs as it’s just not safe.

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      The “out in public” gameplay shown was all phone AR, AKA the crappy kind of AR.