With Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs (2019) fresh out the door, Resolution Games today announced Acron, a new multiplayer game that pits one VR player against a group of local mobile users.

Resolution Games says Acron is expected to launch across several major VR platforms and both iOS and Android devices this summer. The studio hasn’t published screenshots or a trailer yet, so there’s still much to learn about Acron.

Here’s how Resolution describes it:

Through the magic of VR, one player becomes a large, ancient tree that is the sole protector of the ‘seeds of life’ (the Golden Acrons), while the players on mobile take on identities of a gang of rebellious squirrels that band together to strategize on how to best scurry around getting as many nuts as they can. The game will come with multiple levels depicting different nature environments and several characters with various roles for players to become.

The studio says the game is both “competitive and cooperative in nature for players across VR and mobile devices.”

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“We’ve always believed that VR is more enjoyable when you can play with your friends and family,” said Tommy Palm, co-founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “ACRON takes that idea even further by allowing players in VR to play with and against opponents on mobile in a social setting. And not only is this game a prime way to introduce people to VR, but I can honestly say this game is the most fun I’ve ever had in VR… and I’ve played a lot of VR games!”

You can follow along with progress on Acron by signing up for updated via the game’s website. While it’s not clear exactly which VR devices will see support, the game’s email sign-up form features a questionnaire denoting the following devices: 

Resolution Games is currently set to launch a number of titles on the upcoming standalone headset Oculus Quest, including Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs and Bait!.

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  • dogtato

    local multiplayer vr games like this are an automatic buy for me. I’m really looking forward to seeing one with a bit more polish

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    The name of this game drives me nuts! (pun intended) Why!?!?!

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  • Les Vega

    Good to see they are going to do more than dip their toes in vr and are making a new IP, going to keep an eye on this.