One year ago today, I started a quest to become a voice in the VR community. I sat down in front of my sad little laptop and recorded my very first podcast. It was awful. It took me several episodes before I found the right tone and momentum. Now, for this very special anniversary episode, I decided it was time to have a guest host.

For the first time in the history of the Rev VR Podcast, someone else has taken the helm. Apieceoffruit, a well known member of the VR community and fellow podcaster, has gracefully stepped up to interview ME about the Project Torus Kickstarter and my other endeavors in the VR space.

The rest of the episode is a glance back at all of the good, bad, and controversial episodes of the Rev VR Podcast. What was your favorite?

A big surprise at the end of the episode. When will the silly lawsuits end?

A big thanks to Apieceoffruit for doing this amazing podcast.

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  • EnterTheRift

    Hey Rev, Happy Birthday !
    And good luck for the project Torus ;-)

  • Jarom Madsen

    Lol, Nowheresville Utah. Thanks Kyle. ;) But hey I’ve had several VR meetups/showcases/parties since then so Nowheresville might start popping up on the VR world map someday.