Now that both of our Kickstarters are over, Justin Moravetz, the creator of Proton Pulse and Vanguard V, and I decide to go back and examine what worked, what didn’t, and give some tips to potential Kickstarters in the VR community.

Most of you already know Justin as the developer of Proton Pulse, and more recently, Vanguard V. Justin has had his share of challenges with Kickstarter, but continues to strive forward in his game development.

There are so many things to consider when preparing for a new Kickstarter campaign. How will your funding goal be? What are your funding tiers going to be? What incentives are you going to give out for each tier? How will you market your product? The answers to each of these questions could mean huge differences in your success.

Even though his Kickstarter for Vanguard V was unsuccessful, Justin gained quite a bit of value from his campaign. He is raising funds for the game on his website and still has high hopes for his future development goals.

I want to thank Justin for being a wonderful guest, and I want to encourage everyone to support him and his projects.

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