Most of you know Eric Greenbaum as the lawyer who’s been on the Rev VR Podcast several times to discuss the legal woes of certain VR companies. In this episode, he’s here to discuss ‘About Face’, his VR comfort and hygiene System, as well as several of his other ventures in the VR industry.

Eric’s About Face Kickstarter broke the crowdfunding funk by smashing it’s $12,000 goal within 24 hours. Now, with more than two weeks left in the campaign, it looks to be maintaining a level of momentum that proves it’s usefulness in the VR industry.

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Eric explains how doing the proper research and proper planning has contributed to his success. With so much talk about latency, resolution, and controllers, hygiene and comfort are facets of the VR world that have not gotten the attention it deserves.

But that isn’t all that Eric is working on. He has been a driving force in the VR space with his involvement in the New York VR Meetup, which has grown from seven attendees, up to 100+ and a waiting list.

Eric is also involved in the upcoming Virtual Reality Investor Challenge. This will allow startup companies in the VR industry to showcase their work and allow investors, industry experts and VR enthusiasts to provide feedback. The top four companies will have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to a group of investors and possibly win a bit of money.

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I’d like to thank Eric for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about all of the wonderful things he is involved with.

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Full Disclosure: About Face is running an ad on Road to VR.

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