The adult entertainment industry is ripe and ready for virtual reality, and a few entrepreneurial folks are already capitalizing on it. My guest today is one of those people, adult performer, Ela Darling.

Rev VR Podcast (Ep. 96): Adult Entertainment in VR with Ela Darling

ela darling adult entertainment virtual reality
Ela Darling

I first heard about Ela Darling from the Oculus section of Reddit when she posted about her new site, VRTube. Once I checked out her site, I could tell that she was doing something interesting. She was using Kinect technology to capture 3D videos, and then pumping them into Unity for VR consumption. This is not a new concept, but this was the first time I had seen it used for pornography.

Doing more research on Ela led me to a writeup in Wired magazine that I remember reading when it was first published. It tells the story of how two college kids reached out to find a willing participant for their erotic experiments, and Ela accepted their invitation. Their original ideas have since evolved from a GoPro setup to a more immersive 3D scanned experience.

The file sizes are big, and the resolution isn’t perfect yet, but you still have to give them credit for being pioneers and innovators in a content hungry industry. As their technology improves, so will their content.

Ela isn’t just an adult performer. She is also a learned scholar with a master’s degree, and her tattoos tell the story of a librarian with some major geek cred. Being a fan of VR since she was a kid, Ela definitely fits into the VR community as an active contributor and enthusiast.

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I want to thank Ela for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to me and introduce herself to the VR community on my podcast.

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  • Stray Toaster

    That was a great interview and I hope there will be more podcasts with people from outside the tech industry about how they are using VR.

    Ela Darling seems to get VR tech and obviously has enthusiasm for it so she could do very well for herself by growing her library of work just when VR HMDs are about to hit the market. All it will take for VR porn and live cams to take off are simple headsets like the GEAR VR or Homido, since 360° videos don’t require controllers.