Time to check in with our pals Ben Lang and Scott Hayden right outside the GDC showroom floor for another update on all of the exciting VR news from today.

Rev VR Podcast: GDC 2015 Recap – Day 2

It’s been another busy days for the Road to VR team. The GDC showroom floor opened today, and it sounds like VR took it’s place at the top of a lot of people’s lists.

Ben reports that Unreal was showing off their latest stuff, but current GPUs couldn’t handle it, so luckily Nvidia comes to the rescue with the Titan X, their latest and greatest graphics architecture.

Next up was John Carmack’s talk about Mobile VR and where it will take us. Ben did a fantastic job of live blogging every word that Carmack said, which most of you know, is an amazing feat.

Valve and HTC has put their heads together to make the Vive (we still don’t know how to pronounce it). Ben had a chance to check it out and reports his findings. He says that the “More than haptic” controllers work nicely, and he explains them in much more detail.

Poor Scott was running around live blogging other events, and unfortunately did not get a chance to try out the Vive. I gave them a foolproof plan on how to make it happen for him tomorrow.

More GDC 2015 goodies coming tomorrow. Ben and Scott will be out in the wild again, and we will try to squeeze in another recap for you.  Also, stay tuned to VRCasters.com for a live stream from the GDC Mixer on Thursday evening. For details, be sure to follow VRCasters on Twitter.

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Stay tuned for me GDC goodies as we continue through the week!

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