After our Gear VR Roundtable Chat last week, I was informed that not everyone in the VR community had the same warm and fuzzy feelings that were conveyed in our discussion. I felt the need to allow a few others to voice their opinions in this latest episode of the Rev VR Podcast.

Some of you may remember Apieceoffruit from the Rev VR Podcast Anniversary episode, as the first and only guest host of the show. He joins us as a member of the VR dev community that is very concerned about the direction that mobile VR may take us.

Nateight, a member of the elusive Team Metatron, joins the discussion as an optimistic skeptic. While he sees the value in mobile VR, he also sees the potential for problems.

We discuss several potential issues with mobile VR. Who is the target audience? What should happen when you get a phone call during a mobile VR experience? Will the heat from the device melt our faces? Will developers pump out “shovelware” and forget about the high-end PC experiences?

I believe there are many unanswered questions about Gear VR and mobile VR in general. I think that we will see many of these questions answered once the devices get into the hands of both the development community, and the average consumers.

I want to thank Apieceoffruit and Nateight for helping to drive the continued conversations about mobile VR.

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  • Don Gateley

    Humbug! Podcast quit about 10 minutes in in mid sentence and I have no idea how to get back to where I was. Ah, well. Sounded like it was going to get interesting but I’ll never know.