After announcing the launch of a VR studio last year, Justin Roiland, the co-creator of the hit animated show Rick and Morty, is set to deliver the keynote address at next week’s VRLA Expo 2017, April 14th and 15th.

vrla-summer-expo-2016-discount-2VRLA Expo is one of the industry’s largest and longest running events. Hosted once again this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center, April 14th & 15th, VRLA promises that the 2017 Expo will be the biggest yet, gathering together leading names in the VR industry for two days of demos, educational sessions, experimental work, keynote presentations, and an exhibit floor featuring industry leading innovators, influencers, creatives, manufacturers and technology developers. Road to VR will be reporting from the event; if you’re showing something cool there, get in touch with us at

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At VRLA Expo 2017, Justin Roiland will take to the stage, apparently with his trademarked off-beat humor, to talk about the future of VR.

What does the future of VR hold? Will there be more wizard games? Are grandmas real? What IS a wizard really? Are there wizard grandmas? How does this factor into VR? I did all this (simple) math and then made a power point presentation that I **think** maaaayyybe has these questions (and more) all figured out. Please come to my incredible keynote address on the state of VR! You juuuust might learn something, maybe, I don’t know. I can’t make any promises on that because you may already know everything.

Roiland is known as the co-creator (and voices) of the zany Rick and Morty, but his growing interest in virtual reality over the last few years has culminated in the founding of VR game studio Squanchtendo, headed by Roiland and former Epic Games producer Tanya Watson.

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squanchtendo-vr-studio-justin-roiland-tanya-watsonThe studio’s first release, Accounting, is a short, free demo for the HTC Vive which heavily features Roiland’s oddball comedy (and his voice acting chops).

Rick and Morty, as it turns out, is getting the VR treatment too, thanks to a forthcoming collaboration with one of VR’s most successful indie VR studios, Owlchemy Labs, who is developing Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality.

VRLA Expo 2017 is currently accepting applications for its Indie Zone, which offers complimentary exhibition space to innovative small teams who have raised less than $500,000 in venture capital funding, or generated less than less than that amount in revenue.

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    Justin either voices or someone is imitating him heavily in the Calibration Test portion of the Lab, at least 3 voices of the calibration units I am certain are supposed to be him…

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      IIRC it is indeed him : P

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      You’ll also hear him providing the commentary on almost every radio station in the Auto Mechanic portion of Job Simulator. Easily the best part of the game.

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