Long-Time Oculus Exclusive ‘Lucky’s Tale’ Finally Releases on PSVR


Lucky’s Tale (2016), the plucky little 3D platformer that launched on Rift back in 2016, has finally made its way to PlayStation VR.

It’s been a long road for Lucky’s Tale. After being remastered for Quest 2 in November 2021, and SteamVR headsets a month later, it’s finally come to PSVR.

Playful today released Lucky’s Tale on PSVR, priced at $20. The game only supports DualShock 4 controllers, as it combines traditional platforming with a more immersive view of the world (re: no PS Move). The game’s store page (linked above) also shows it’s been enhanced for PS4 Pro.

To learn more about its history and launch on Quest 2 late last year, continue on to the article below:

Playful today announced during the Upload VR showcase that Lucky’s Tale is finally leaving Oculus exclusivity as it makes its way to PSVR and SteamVR headsets, releasing on the PlayStation Store, Steam and Viveport sometime “soon”.

The studio also threw out a new trailer to show off some of the game’s updated visuals. The original article announcing Quest 2 availability follows below.

Original Article (November 18th, 2021): Playful Studios (formerly Playful Corp) developed the original Lucky’s Tale for Rift, pitching it not only as a launch title for the early consumer VR headset, but making it available as a free, in-the-box addition for all new Rift owners at the time.

Now Quest 2 users can hop around the bright and colorful world as series protagonist Lucky Swiftail, a young fox on a quest to save his best friend Piggy from a tentacular monster named Glorp.

It launches on the Oculus Store for $20 today, coming exclusively to Quest 2 (re: not original Oculus Quest). It hasn’t been confirmed whether Lucky’s Tale is a cross-buy title with Rift, however we’ll update this article once we know.

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Playful says Lucky’s Tale has been remastered for Quest 2, bringing updated lighting, rendering, and remixed audio to the game. It’s also refined character movement, and imported the updated character model seen in New Super Lucky’s Tale (2020), the game’s non-VR sequel which is still only available for flatscreen consoles and PC.

Lucky’s Tale is a fun little game which serves up a few hours of pretty standard platforming fare, albeit in an immersive 3D world that sort of drags yours point of view behind the titular Lucky as you move through different worlds and encounter the evil Glorp at every turn. It’s one of those ‘fun for everyone’ games that basically everyone can enjoy.

Lucky’s Tale was developed around a limitation that sounds positively ancient; it was first meant to be played with the Xbox controller, which was Rift’s only input method for the first few months after launch—a few months before Touch was even a thing. Granted, Touch controllers have all the same buttons as an Xbox gamepad, although it goes to show just how much VR games have changed in the past few years in terms of direct user interaction and immersion.

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  • FrankB

    It’s good…but not a patch on AstroBot Rescue Mission on PSVR.

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    • Sven Viking

      I agree, but Astrobot refined a lot of similar ideas. While we have no way to be sure, it’s plausible to me that it might not have existed if Lucky’s Tale hadn’t been there from the start to show a mascot platformer could work well in VR.

      • FrankB

        Oh yeah, they were almost definitely inspired heavily by Lucky, a huge dash of Mario as well. It’s a shame Astrobot is a PSVR exclusive, VR is so niche it’s a shame to have these platform exclusives. Oculus and Sony are both as guilty as each other.

        • Harper Rodriguez

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    • Yeah, it’s cool that PSVR is finally getting it but it’s going to seem like a huge step backwards to all those lucky [no pun intended]VR owners who have already played AstroBot Rescue Mission.

  • Jarom Madsen

    It’s not cross buy at launch at least. Doesn’t show up under their Cross-Buy section and isn’t “free” on the store page. Some devs take a bit to enable it but I wouldn’t be surprised if they chose not to. The Quest 2 exclusivity thing is lame, hope it’s due to performance and not more RE4 shenanigans where it could run just fine on Quest 1. Still, I feel like it should have been a small leap to optimize a game like Lucky for Quest 1 if you were able to get it onto Quest 2. But look at me assuming they were using lightweight rendering techniques for a low poly, simple texture, simple lighting game.

    • Ad

      Most people got it for free on PC, which I would guess is why.

      • davekirsch

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  • Ad

    I mean, touch controllers don’t have all the same inputs. Fewer buttons, no R1L1 triggers, etc. Kind of a shame. I liked how cosmos controllers had two triggers.

    • Sven Viking

      They do two sets of triggers, though, including the grip triggers.

      • Ad

        Oh. I guess?


    Lucky’s Tale is a Tour de Force of charm and delight. Immersion and design quality is off the charts. No, it’s not Astrobot, but it’s hands down the best platformer in the Oculus (Meta) ecosystem. (Sorry, Ven…) I spent $20 yesterday to download it on Quest, and instantly got my money’s worth after 5 minutes of playing. Looks even better than it did on Rift. The Quest ecosystem is more compelling, with games like this.

  • So many memories…

  • Fundamentalist Daleks

    Oh boy, a charmless Mario ripoff. Just what the world needed.

    • It’s better than you give it credit for.

  • The sequel REALLY should have been a VR game too. It’s a travesty that it wasn’t. I still want a new Lucky’s Tale game for VR.