Robo Recall has been given a locomotion mod for those looking for a less-restrictive movement system. Epic Games’ new VR shooter employs a teleport mechanic for movement, but has full mod support, allowing for additional experimental control systems.

Robo Recall, an Oculus Touch-exclusive action shooter, has only been available for three days and already the community has been treated to a mod that allows free-form locomotion. Like the majority of FPS titles built for VR, Epic Games designed Robo Recall’s gameplay around a teleportation mechanic, as traditional locomotion (with analog sticks) is a well-documented contributor to VR sickness. However, each time a game launches with a teleport system, a passionate crowd of gamers who aren’t adversely affected by artificial locomotion in VR complain about the missed opportunity.

Epic Games Shows You How to Create Your First 'Robo Recall' Mod

User tonsta31, developer at MGSStudios, has been posting updates to his experimental locomotion mod on the Oculus community forums, which allows more traditional movement with the left analog stick on the Touch controller (in addition to teleporting). Unfortunately, Epic aren’t currently allowing mods to function in the story mode (due to the global leaderboards), so your locomotion antics will be limited to the mission mode.

The latest version 3 of the mod adds a locomotion tweak, jump, 45 degree snap turning, adjusted slo-mo, and fixed damage. The game appears to play well with the free movement already, although it does mess with some of the AI routines. Tonsta31 is working quickly however, and hopes to improve enemy response in a future update, as well has adding ‘new guns, a new level, a double jump and other bits’. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the forum thread.

'Robo Recall' Review

Epic’s mod support has also benefited those affected by the current rotation issues in roomscale setups. The 360 teleportation mod from developer Huge Robot solves the problem, and Epic has stated that an official resolution will be out by the end of the month.

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  • AndyP

    Full locomotion: In the net!

  • Damien Wilson

    Epic Games should’ve had this as a built-in option… Now that it’s here, they need to open up story mode for this option. If leader boards are the issue, they should make separate boards.

    • edge

      I think that’s essentially what they do. There is no “story” mode, just missions, and they probably exclude you from the leaderboards if you are modded.

  • NooYawker

    It’s pretty amazing so many people are building Mods so quickly for this.

    • Kijutsu

      That’s because the game is so much freaken fun!!

  • MatBrady

    Not fully impressed with the initial release. The basic teleport is screwy in the way that it doesn’t turn your vision to where you told it to face. That’s super confusing. But worse… THOSE POOR OCULUS OWNERS!!! Every few moments I’m given a huge interfering UI that says, Turn to face sensors! I’m playing on a Vive, so that totally doesn’t matter to us. If there was a way to get rid of that…

    • Kinetic

      Huh? Been playing for hours on Oculus and I’ve never seen anything like that. I do have a 3 sensor setup though. Sounds like the Vive is losing track or you are getting occlusion and the game is objecting. The teleport is a little tricky, but I’m convinced that it’s in the way I release the joystick. When I concentrate, it never happens, it’s only when I’m making a quick transition it gets the wrong direction. But generally super impressed with what epic have done.
      Might want to rein the fanboyism in a touch. We all need awesome games like this to succeed to make further VR games a reality.

    • DM

      us poor oculus owners with 3 tracking cams have no issues…

    • MatBrady

      I didn’t know that with an Oculus “3-cam” set-up you never received that warning. I just assumed. I was wrong, sorry about that.

      I will rein in my fanboyism (Viva la Vive?) because after playing the Revive version and the Locomotion Mod I can safely say that the interpretation of the Touch controls to the Vive controls just don’t work. Having the Touch controllers would be a better experience. I think that’s a shame because if the Revive had translated the controls better I would have been more impressed with Robo Recall.

      RR sure is a pretty game, and it’s fun, and cool, but playing it feels like I’m fighting with the controls. I will often teleport facing the wrong direction and have to look around me for the guy who I know is standing right next to me. That’s frustrating.

      Games like SuperHot translate perfectly, and I much prefer SuperHot to Robo Recall as a result.

      There’s a lot of enthusiasm for RR right now, especially with getting the Revive working and also creating mods for locomotion, jumps, and other stuff, so here’s hoping they improve the controls for the Vive in the not-too-distant future.

      @Kinetic, you mentioned, “We all need awesome games like this to succeed to make further VR games a reality.” I agree, but exclusivity has a corrosive effect to that potential. Me not being impressed by this game comes from the problem of exclusivity more so that the game itself.

      In that sense, I hope that I can one day play this game the way Oculus is currently preventing me from doing so right now.

      • J.C.

        And you got to pay $30 for the priveledge of getting to use third party software to get it to work at ALL, and you get a significantly crappier experience than the people who got it for free! Whatadeal!

        • MatBrady

          Yup! :P

      • Kris Van de Vijver

        It’s almost like Epic games was instructed by Oculus, after receiving the 10M USD, to make the game very playable with Touch but difficult to play with Vive controllers ;) I’m saying this because all other (Touch) Oculus games are perfectly playable with Vive controllers.

  • burzum

    This urgently needs a Kung Fury total conversion mod. :)