In Death, the roguelike bow-shooter from Sólfar Studios, is now available on PSVR. After months of honing in Early Access on PC VR headsets, culminating in the ‘1.0’ launch of the game in October, PSVR players will soon get their hands on this well regarded VR dungeon crawler.

Update (November 27th, 2018): In Death is now live on the PlayStation Store. The original article announcing the game’s availability follows below:

Original Article (November 16th, 2018): In Death is a bow-shooter roguelike which takes the form of a procedurally generated surreal medieval map of increasing difficulty. Your task is to see how long you can survive against ghoulish foes who want nothing more than to extinguish your one and only life.

The game has been well received by PC VR players, earning a 91% positive rating on Steam, and a 4.4 out of 5 on Oculus. We scored the game and 8 out of 10 in our review when it launched out of Early Access.

As you battle your way through In Death, you’ll unlock new powerups for your bow, like special arrows, and you can spend gold gathered from slain enemies to upgrade your arsenal.

Image courtesy Sólfar Studios

Developer Sólfar Studios took to the official PlayStation Blog this week to announce the November 27th PSVR release date of In Death. While the game was built with a pair of motion controllers in mind (and will support PS Move), the studio has confirmed that they’ve developed a “novel” way to allow players to use the PS4 gamepad (and its motion tracking capabilities) to play the game. It sounds like its still up in the air if this will be an ideal way to play the game though, as the developers say they “really look forward to hearing how [PSVR players] think [the gamepad] plays compared to using the Move motion controllers.”

In Death will be priced at $30 on PSVR (the same as its PC counterparts), along with a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus members.

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  • jasonmartino

    I’m a huge fanboy of In Death. Great game!

  • Torben Bojer Christensen

    Great game. But I thought PSVR was front-facing 180 degree VR?!? Am I misinformed on PSVR or will there have to be some move-controller turning? Also the aiming is rather requiring and precise in this game, so it will be interesting to see if some aim assist will be added or not.

    • namekuseijin

      you may fully rotate 360 on psvr as much as you may in pc vr and get wires all wrapped around you – on psvr you also get controller drifting once they get obstructed from cam view by your body. But it’s really better 180 in front or to your sides, and playing seated anyway. yes, there are turn buttons

      • Torben Bojer Christensen

        Thanks for informing :-)