Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 headset launched in October 2020 in two flavors: 64GB and 256GB. Now images have surfaced via French online retailers LDLC and its subsidiary Top Achat suggesting the existence of an upcoming 128GB version of Quest 2. Notably, LDCL is an official partner retailer of Oculus, which may lend credence to the report.

French video game site GamerGen first spotted the listings. In a chat via Twitter, GamerGen says it has obtained confirmation from retailer Top Achat which says the listing was authentic and wasn’t a mistake.

“So I checked, it’s not a mistake, nor a leak. It was put online on July 6 at 12:01 AM following the end of the NDA,” the message from Top Achat translates. “The 64 GB model is now out of stock, the 128 GB model replaces it.”

Image courtesy Wayback Machine Internet Archive

Should the report be believed, it seems that quick confirmation from Top Achat was a bit misguided. The listing has since been removed, however a version of the LDLC listing is still available for viewing through Wayback Machine Internet Archive. Note that “Go” is French for GB, which shouldn’t be confused with the now discontinued Oculus Go standalone from 2018.

The GamerGen report maintains that the 128GB version should be released on July 20th. The general lack of 64GB variants across online retailers, notably via regional Amazon sites and Oculus itself, supports the possibility of the mid-generation refresh.

If the listing shown above is entirely accurate and doesn’t contain placeholder info, it appears pricing will remain the same from the 64GB to 128GB. In Europe, the 64GB version costs €350, whereas the 256GB version costs €450.

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Of course, there’s been no official confirmation from Facebook or any other official source, although we expected this since the company generally eschews talking about products before they’re officially announced.

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  • Interesting. Wonder if you put in a support request for a broken screen if they’d send you back a 64 or a 128 then

    • Chirpes

      I suspect 128 because I’ve talked with support and they said they have no replacement units they’re allowed to ship out because of the recall and they aren’t sure when there will be. (My battery is bad on my 64gb unit.)

      • Dang, sorry to hear that. Yeah, that’s what I think too (I’ve had a badly placed dead pixel on mine for ages

        • Chirpes

          It turned out to be 64GB replacements.

          Also, they aren’t changing the foam it seems, they stopped sales to switch them to a new box that had the silicone cover included in box already.

  • JakeDunnegan

    Well, I bought a 64GB version probably less than a month ago from Best Buy. The question is, are they going to charge another $50 for the bit more RAM? If so, I think it’s a mistake (and being particularly cheap on the part of FB), but who knows. Do they want more adoption or do they want to nickel and dime people?

    • Nelson Tutorials

      They will replace the 64gb with 128gb, keeping the original price. That’s what the leaked image shows. I also noticed that the 64gb version is out of stock for some time in Amazon indicator that something will change or happen. Just like when original quest was discontinued.

      • JakeDunnegan

        Yeah, it kind of makes sense to ditch the old version, particularly if they don’t raise the price. I’ve been rather cheesed at FB ever since getting my Quest 64 due to the requirement for a FB account. Finally something (very slightly) consumer friendly.

    • kontis

      This is storage, not RAM.

      • JakeDunnegan

        Yeah, it’s storage, but the “NVM” in NVME stands for non-volatile *memory* as opposed to “random-access memory” (in RAM) as opposed to typical storage, like “solid state drive” and “hard disk drive”. So, my brain latched onto the “memory” portion, since it’s all chips. When people talk about 128GB phones, do they say “storage” or just memory (or just 128GB) even though it’s usually only got between 2-4GB of actual memory?

        But, to be clear, yes, it’s 64GB of storage. Apparently CaryMGVR is really critical of that usage. I figure most people, particularly VR users, would know the difference.

        Apologies for any confusion my post wondering about the potential difference in cost may have caused. ;)

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Hmmm, let’s hope it also has some other small fixes like more notches for IPD.

  • GordonFreeman

    I ran out of HD space with the 128gb pretty quickly, maybe its about time we have a base level of 1TB as it just gives a little more freedom to leave games/apps installed and not have to remove one just to play a new title.

    • Kunakai

      There is no 128GB version currently…

      I have about 30 games/apps installed on a 256GB model and have barely exceeded 64GB. 1TB seems beyond excessive when most applications take up less than 2GB.

      • FanMan Days

        First of all eventhough it is 64G we dont get that amount of space cause the operating system takes up about 7G, so to have 30 games on say 53G, those cannot be full size games

        • Kunakai

          You’d need to define “full size”. But some go up to 8GB while the vast majority take up less than 2GB.

          My point was that 64GB (57GB if we account for OS) is enough space to keep everything being currently played (and then some) installed.

          I have the 256GB version and currently have 196GB free. I could potentially install around 120 games/things (assuming the sizes of things not installed/purchased is comparible to what’s alrleady installed).

          There are only 230 Quest titles in total.

          It seems a bit rediculous to complain about there not being enough space because you can’t install the entirety of the known universe on a machine when most people don’t purchase half as many games over the entirety of a typical console generation…

          • Raphael

            Agree. Just trying to install everything and then complaining is dumb. Wiping unused apps is important.

  • If the price remains the same, this is a very good news for new VR users!

  • Cathode

    For people friendly with french, here the product available on boulanger with spec

  • TotallyMarioBro Gaming (TrueTG

    No way it’s more expensive in sweden :(

  • tri-star

    i recently purchased (end of may 2021) my oculus quest 2 64gb, when the new 128gb comes out…will i be able to trade my 64gb to 128gb? will oculus consider my date of purchase and offer me some kind of consolation? i didnt want to accept that im a fool for getting 64gb when 128gb is coming out for the same price. i really hope something can be worked on out of this deal.