At Oculus Connect 2 today at the opening Keynote, SVP of Samsung Mobile Peter Koo to announce that they intend to ship a consumer focussed version of Gear VR, that works with all 2015 Galaxy phones for just $99.

The new headset has enhanced design features such as ergonomic touchpad and is 22% lighter. But the real news here is the low entry price of $99 and that the headset now works with multiple Samsung mobile phones, unlike previous iterations of the headsets.

Koo said that he was humbled by what the VR community had created for Gear VR.


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  • Darshan Gayake

    $100 is just dame attractive price point for Gear VR kind of polished vr viewer not to mention external tracker and active cooling its miles ahead of Zeiss VR one in same price. So its beyond doubt success saga foundation.

    How they do 2015 all Galaxy is million dollar question as samung economical phone have ‘cheap’ configurations how alps will perform on mediyoker device which is made for flagship. Where is that mobile for VR. Are we in for amezing device below $500 that can perform good as flagship??

  • Simon

    The combination of the $99 Gear-VR and Netflix is certainly appealing…. beats spending $$$ on a big-arse TV that I don’t have space for.

  • Mageoftheyear

    $99 (excluding controller) and compatible with all four 2015 Galaxy phones? Holy hell.
    This is going to be an epic dawn for consumer VR.
    I think “millions of VR users” will get here sooner than we expected with pricing that aggressive.

  • Don Gateley

    They are going to make their money from the walled garden Oculus Store (no open, independent content allowed on the device) so they can subsidize it.