Getting your hands on the new Samsung Gear VR hasn’t been easy task due to spotty availability. But if you’re in Western Europe or the United States, you still may be able to grab one in time for the holidays.

Keep your wits about you this year, because this holiday season you’ll be seeing three different models of Gear VR advertised by some of the big sites in tech—sometimes side by side. We read the fine print so you don’t have to, making sure to weed out the other two older ‘Innovator Editions’—confusingly also named Gear VR.

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At the time of this writing, US customers can still nab a new Gear VR from Samsung for $99.99 with free shipping—a wait of 5-7 business days. That one-day shipping for only $17 more does look awfully tempting though.

Best Buy is also currently in stock for $99.99. Ordering today (with free shipping) will get you a brand new Gear VR by December 21st. has had intermittent stock in the past weeks since launch, but if you’re trying to rack up those points on an Amazon credit card or get quick shipping with Amazon Prime, make sure to stop by them too—even if they’re temporarily out of stock.

Europe is by far the best of the Europe-based Amazon sites, as it both contains the highest number of items and can now be viewed in English. You can grab a Gear VR for €99,99 (~$110 USD) while supplies last. Free shipping within Germany. Inner-EU shipping prices will vary, but standard shipping seems to get to most of Europe anywhere from 2-5 business days.

In case goes out of stock, you can of course order directly from your country’s Samsung website.

  • Samsung France  – €99.01 (~$110 USD) free 1-day express shipping within France
  • Samsung Germany – €99 (~$110 USD) free DHL 1-day shipping within Germany
  • EuroSys Belgium Samsung Affliate – €99 (~$110 USD) – home delivery within 48 hours
  • X-Kom Poland Samsung Affiliate – 499.00 zł (~$125 USD) – buy now and receive in 4 days
  • Master PC Russia Samsung Affiliate – 7990 RUB (~$115 USD) – 350 RUB 1-day shipping in Moscow

Note: Samsung UK and Italy are currently out of stock, and Samsung Netherlands and Sweden are still in pre-order, so you’d be better off trying if you’re in a rush for the holidays.

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The A/B selector allows you to adjust for either the Note 5, or the S6, S6 edge, and S6 edge+

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South America

The only South American country with Gear VR direct from the manufacturer, Samsung Brazil is currently in stock at R$ 799.00 (~$205 USD). Unfortunately Brazilian VR enthusiasts will have to wait a minimum of 17 working days (to Sao Paolo) to receive your Gear VR.


Samsung Korea is the only Asia-based site actually advertising Gear VR for sale—now in stock at ₩ 130,000 (~$110 USD). Samsung Japan, China, and Taiwan. You can still get a hold of one, albeit at a premium from a Korean Ebay seller advertising for $154 USD with free world-wide shipping.

New Zealand

While Samsung Australia allows you to add Gear VR to a nebulous wishlist (that you may never hear from again), Samsung New Zealand is currently selling for $199 (~$135 USD). Shipping is free and is estimated to arrive in 2-3 days.

Leave a comment below if we missed any crucial availability for your region, or if you have any tips to getting a new Gear VR in time for the holidays!

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