Oculus today announced a major milestone for Gear VR, the company’s mobile VR headset made in collaboration with Samsung.

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Gear VR launched at the end of 2015 with an agreeable price of $99. Following an aggressive giveaway alongside pre-orders of Samsung’s latest S7 phones, Oculus says that the platform has passed 1 million monthly active users, an impressive milestone. Although we know that more than 5 million Google Cardboard VR viewers are out in the wild, we wouldn’t be surprised if Gear VR has the larger active user base given the headset’s improved experience and VR app library compared to Cardboard.

Oculus says that there’s now over 250 apps available for Gear VR and, perhaps surprisngly, video content seems to be leading the way as the most used type of content on the platform. 7 out of 10 of the most used apps are video-based, and day-to-day, about 80% of users are using VR video apps, according to Oculus.


For those enjoying VR video on the headset, there’s more content coming down the pipe, including Nomads, a new film from Felix & Paul Studios that follows the lives of several nomadic peoples across the globe. The first of three episodes of Nomads is available today, in which you’ll spend time with yak herders on the Mongolian steppes, Maasai warriors in Kenya, and the traveling coastal Bajau people of Borneo.

deadliest catch vr discovery vr

Next week Discovery VR launches a Deadliest Catch VR video experience which will capture the action of the popular reality show about commercial fishing on the Bering Sea.

And while Facebook has had support for 360 videos for some time now, the application is soon to get the same for 360 photos. Those with Gear VR will see a special button within the Facebook app which will allow users to open the 360 photo in Gear VR for immersive viewing. 360 photos from Facebook will also be browseable through the Oculus 360 Photos app.

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  • Jaime Bueza

    As a developer, I’ve been working on ConstructVR which removes the pain of managing Ossig files and easily notifies your team when new versions of your GearVR app is uploaded through Slack or Email. It’s basically Testflight for GearVR apps: Check us out https://nexus.constructvr.io

    • Austin Bryan

      I don’t have much experience developing yet, what is a Ossig file? I’m very curious to learn more.

      • Jaime Bueza

        Hi Austin, Ossig files are required in order to run GearVR apps. You can download these by going to the Oculus Developer Center, getting your device serial number, and downloading the Ossig file there. This ossig file can then be given to a developer, and the developer can put the Ossig file into the app so you can run it. The good thing about what we’ve built is that it can automate this process. Let me know if you have other questions! :D

        • Austin Bryan

          Thank you for the reply! I don’t even have a device yet; I’m trying to get into 360 cinema it with VR and AR in mind so I’m hitting the forums to learn about what people are saying. So what you’re saying is that the ossig file’s are unique to a device, and need to be compiled by the developer for a custom app to be run? And you’re process automates this…by auto-recompiling packages on the website rather then a person doing it manually? Are the steps still present, just automated through the system? Or is this a way to bypass that individual authentication? Sorry if these questions don’t make much sense! I’m still trying to get the big picture. I’m going to do more reading into this topic.

    • Jorgen41

      Sounds alot like sideload vr ?

      • Jaime Bueza

        Hi Jorgen! We’re quite different in that we focus on businesses being able to securely distribute their GearVR apps for their teams and clients for continuous feedback, as well as, team communication with Slack integration — we’re not building a pre-appstore marketplace where anyone can discover free apps which SideloadVR focuses on. Additionally, we completely automate the ossig process with 1 step– non technical teammates and clients love this because they don’t have to go through the hassle of creating an Oculus developer account, finding what their device id is, and downloading the ossig — and developers love this because they don’t have to go through the hassle of walking non-technical people through the painful process of getting ossigs. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! :)


    I feel like we’re still in the very early days of what VR will become, but I’m enjoying it so far. Especially as someone who already had a Galaxy, the Gear VR being so affordable was great. There’s still not many “killer apps” out yet, but I think this is a pretty good list of the best free apps to get people started – http://hypepedia.com/best-free-samsung-gear-vr-apps-2016/

  • Skeptic

    VR is a gimmick. I used mine for about 2 weeks – mainly showing off to family and friends – but with lack of killer app and basic logistical issues it’s now been sitting in it’s box for almost a year unused.

  • hedieuhanh dot com

    Howdy ad!
    I was used gear with my phone. It’s So good.There’s still not many “killer apps” out yet, but I think this is a pretty good list of the best free apps to get people started.

  • phoenix87

    With VR technology. I’m very curious to learn more.