SDC 2014 has just kicked off and at the opening keynote, Samsung have just announced  that, alongside their new Note 4 based VR Headset, they’ve also got a 360 Stereoscopic 3D camera, designed and built to capture video for virtual reality.

Breaking — Project Beyond is a VR Camera That’s Ultra Portable

The new device has a 16 + 1 camera configuration (8 stereoscopic pairs by the looks of things), capable of capturing stereoscopic 3D video in 360 degrees with capable of capturing data at an astonishing 25Gbps. The upwards facing camera provide an overhead viewpoint, often a weak point of existing and current 360 capture devices.

The product is not a prototype, and is fully functional – and judging by the physical presence of the device onstage and the high level of industrial design polish, we’re inclined to believe that. The device’s camera’s lenses seem to be mounted in a canted configuration, presumably to achieve the large field of view required for 360 video.

..breaking story. Details to come. (Images courtesy Androidcentral)

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  • j1vvy

    I had the idea but not the money to make it happen. I hope this is a good product.

    • David Mulder

      Many people had the idea ;-) And many people lacked the money to make it, and a couple of companies didn’t. But wow, Samsung dropping in this market might be HUGE if the final price of the system is cheap enough.

  • edward

    Dear sir,
    May I ask you if you have inventory and ready to deliver to Taiwan?
    How’s the price for the delivery and this product?