Last week Silicon Micro Display made an announcement on their blog that the company’s South Korean factory lost power due to a hurricane and was rendered in-operable. Now the company has announced that utilities have been restored to the factory and that it is re-opening.

Silicon Micro Display’s South Korean factory is responsible for manufacturing and shipping the company’s ST1080 head mounted display.

According to the post, Silicon Micro Display’s factory didn’t suffer any major damage due to the hurricane. The only issue was a complete power outage thanks to a downed line near the factory. The company noted that, “Thankfully, we didn’t lose too much time in getting back into production and shipments.”

The ST1080 HMD was released in mid-May of this year priced at $799. This is the first consumer-focused 1080p head mounted display. With a novel LCoS display technology, the ST1080’s display is up to 10% transparent. The company bills this feature as useful for augmented reality applications. A light blocker is included with the ST1080 to cut transparency down to 0% for tradition HMD usage.

You can find full ST1080 specs in my HMD comparison chart here.


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