Sixense Reveals 3 New STEM VR Controller Demo Videos


Sixense’s wireless motion controller system STEM and its protracted development process seems finally to be nearing an end. To that end, the company have released 3 new videos of demo games early adopters will receive along with their hardware.

STEM’s troubled development history is by now well documented. An early example of crowdfunded success followed by prototype design and certification issues a reminder of the drawbacks for this form of product funding and development.

STEM motion input controller with three 'Packs'
STEM motion input controller with three ‘Packs’

However, the project looks to be nearing end, with multiple recent updates from the firm seeming to indicate the wireless, motion control system which offers a unique approach to VR input, may soon be in backers hands.

Now, Sixense have released videos of 3 demo’s that will ship alongside the hardware; a shooting range, gold and the now famous lightsaber demo (now christened ‘Slash’ for obvious reasons).

We’ve seen first hand the shooting range offering before, when it was used to demonstrate Sixense’s use of sensor fusion, using IMU’s to counteract magnetic distortion which plagued earlier STEM units. Both Ben Lang and Reverend Kyle came away suitable impressed at the system’s new intuitive accuracy

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Below the new video demonstrates just why this Sixense’s STEm tech still offers the potential for some incredibly cool VR experiences. Quick, responsive and above all accurate shooting (something tells me this guy may have played it before) are joined with fun gun-juggling and two-hand clip reloading. It’s like Duck Hunt from the future!

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Precisely when backers will receive their STEM systems however is still a mystery, although it does seem imminent. Either way, once we receive our units, we’ll be sure to report our findings.

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  • Raphael

    “Games” << While the hardware looks good, the included 3 demos will be fun for about 30 minutes. After that? I guess you could say this is at the stage of Oculus DK1 intended for developers. I think the most elegant design I've seen so far is Half-Moon. Sixense is more of a full moon.

  • CazCore

    i see a bit of lag. how does the lag compare between these, Vive controllers and Oculus Touch?

    • RoadToVR

      Almost certainly the TV’s response time will add to perceived lag and yes there will be latency on the units themselves. From prior experience though, STEM feels really responsive. Whether it matches up to the latest from Valve and Oculus in a head to head, that’s a different question.

  • Eloi Stree

    Yeah cool one video :)… I am so happy to see people developping application…
    When I have a fucking will to developed some amazing demo with it too…
    Fucking shit !
    I am a baker of this project and a fan, but I am bored to wait this technologie.

  • Oroku Saki

    Just an “update” for your article, but their recent update told us that they don’t ship until April next year.

  • evelopers if you are still hardly looking for input technology, I want to recommend Ximmerse, the input solution comprised of stereo camera and joystick that enables 6DOF tracking.

    • yag

      Thanks but Valve and Oculus have their own input solution, so…

  • yag

    Yeah they don’t ship until April, so probably after the Touch, so the Stem is definitivly dead…
    Someone want to buy my unit ?