The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR (2018) isn’t what you’d call a lazy VR port of the now decade-old open-world RPG, but it certainly leaves much to the imagination when it comes to the sort of immersion you’d expect to see in native VR titles. Like all things Skyrim, mods let you improve the experience in ways Bethesda simply won’t (like, ever), and a few mods in particular have done a lot for Skyrim VR on PC that will have you feeling much more at home in Tamriel.

Out of the box, Skyrim VR offers up a virtual feast for the eyes, but the longer you play, the more you’ll likely contend with a few glaring issues that put hurdles in the way of continued and consistent immersion. Garbage text-based UI menus and ugly vanilla trees, I’m looking straight at you. Granted, there’s been mods for these issues basically right after the game was released three years ago though, although there’s one mod in particular that’s squarely aiming at making the game into a more native VR experience.

HIGGS VR, one of the most keenly immersion-focused mods out there, continues to impress with its bespoke fixes to many of the non-VR design woes that made their way from the flatscreen version of Skyrim. Since it was first released in early 2021, the mod lets you do a number of hand-based things, such as holding objects with collision enabled, and selecting items from a distance so you can force-grab them à la Half-Life: Alyx’s gravity gloves.

HIGGS VR is still in active development too, with project creator ‘FlyingParticle’ recently updating to add a few more immersion tidbits. Now the mod lets you wield two-handed weapons with natural hand poses and aim crossbows with two hands—you know, like you’d expect to be able to do in the first place. Project collaborator ‘Cangar’ shows the update in action before it went live a few days ago.

Speaking of immersive mods, Cangar has collated an awesome list of his top 10 Skyrim VR mods, many of which focus specifically on functional immersion aspects of the game and not simply visuals. Here’s a quick summary of his top 10 (HIGGS included), however for more info and downloading instructions make sure to visit the link above:

  • SkyUI – better UI to for system menus
  • VRIK Player Avatar – gives you a body, weapon holsters, gestures for magic and shouts, and finger animations for Oculus and Index users
  • HIGGS VR – hand collision, object grabbing, and gravity gloves-style mechanics
  • True 3D Sound – basic positional audio
  • Mage VR – draw glyphs to cast and equip spells
  • Weapon Throw VR – throw weapons and they return like Thor’s Hammer
  • Spellsiphon – a magic add-on for more intuitive, easy-switch spell casting
  • Onyx VR Weathers – lightweight and beautiful complete weather mod
  • SkyVRaan – better water reflections which is compatible Realistic Water Two
  • Enhanced Vanilla Trees – fixes vanilla trees, which tend to shimmer
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These, Cangar says, are all fairly lightweight solutions to improve immersion beyond the regular visual and functional mods users typically try out first, many of which intended for the flatscreen version of the game.

For that, Cangar suggests a few lightweight mods to improve the look and feel of the game, including Noble Skyrim to overhaul architecture, Total Character Makeover to improve NPC models, MystiriousDawn’s HD Skyrim Overhaul for photorealism, and both ETHEREAL CLOUDS and ETHEREAL COSMOS for better clouds and night sky.

You can get these and HIGGS VR, over at NexusMod, which is the de facto place for anyone looking to fill the gaps in Bethesda’s VR titles.

What are your favorite immersion-based mods for Skyrim VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • mirak

    This game sucks, vr or not.

    • Krzysztof Kiersznicki

      thats why people have 1000 hours in it…..

      • mirak

        They suck too.

      • shadow9d9

        People like all sorts of crap. Brittany spears and reality tv. That isn’t in any way an indicator of quality.

    • oomph2

      I dunno what you like. Game is so refreshing , its a forever game

      • mirak

        Maybe when it came out, but i played it 6 or 7 years after and it didn’t aged well.

    • Aldo

      Coming from someone who its profile name is one of the main character in the game.. Lol

    • MeowMix

      LOL, miraak is one of the main villains in the game. I assume this post is meant to be funny.

      • mirak

        Didn’t get that far

  • Palmer

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  • Jasagna

    Wait, no Spellwheel? How could you miss that one? That’s probably the best (or second best) for VR users. Huge improvement.
    Also, I’d mention Wabbajack modlists and all the great VR modlists (like UVRE, Librum, Narsil, etc) that makes it easy to install 400+ mods that transform the game.

    • Tailgun

      Yeah, without Wabbajack I would never been able to mod Fallout 4 VR with over 400 mods that make it playable and pretty great. Will be moving to Skyrim next…

      • Robin Banks

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        • Rob Clads

          no your not

    • johann jensson

      Wabbajack is a gamechanger. I’ve modded games for over a decade now, and i won’t ever go back to manual modding if it is avoidable.

  • Collin Drennen

    Is a Mod Manager required to make these work (e.g., Vortex), or is everything manually inserted?

    • Jasagna

      Use Wabbajack, it’s the way to go.

      Wabbajack uses Mod Organizer 2
      There are multiple modlists for all the Betheseda RPG games.

      I strongly recommend their Discord. Very helpful people there if you have questions.

      • Collin Drennen

        Many thanks for the advice, Jasagna.

  • oomph2

    Speechless VR implementation.
    So real mmmmm
    Wish my headset could be worn for say 3-4 hrs at stretch.

    • Master E

      My longest VR stretch was 5hrs on Skyrim VR. And on an unmodded PSVR!

      I think they did a lot with this. Only wish they’d allow Trophies modded or not. Especially since it’s like the 4th time I’ve bought the game. Haha

  • Powerchimp

    Misleading title. Should be:

    “MODDERS improve Skyrim VR”

  • Andrés Bush

    Hey everyone interested in an incremental roadmap to mod skyrim VR, you may find this one useful depending on your system capabilities, link below.

  • Eincrou

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR (2018) isn’t what you’d call a lazy VR port […]

    Funny you should say that, because that’s exactly what I have called Skyrim VR.

    It’s not quite a minimum viable product, because they did do some things slightly above the baseline for making the full game playable in virtual reality with motion controllers. Mostly, it’s a quick and dirty adaptation to VR and motion controllers.

    With as little as they did to create a good VR experience, they did not include an option to play the game like the standard version with M&KB/gamepad, except you can view the world immersively with an HMD. Lazy. Fallout 4 VR, too.

    • Ed

      No mouse & keyboard option, but you can definitely play Skyrim VR with a gamepad just fine. I only had an Oculus Go when I got Skyrim VR, and it was awesome even without motion controls.

  • Trenix

    Why would you say it’s not a lazy port? The game was made in 2011, the port was done in 2018 and you need mods to play optimally, based on what everyone is saying. I’ll wait till an actual RPG comes out for VR that’s worth playing.