Smash Drums is a drum-based rhythm game that’s officially coming to Oculus Quest on June 17th, 2021.

Created by indie studio PotamWorks, Smash Drums will launch on App Lab with 21 indie songs, which can be played in 360-degrees in seven different destructible environments.

PotamWorks says the rhythm game offers a “rugged non-futuristic feel” with its focus on rock & roll tracks and strength-based gameplay. The studio promises plenty of replay value thanks to its four difficulty modes.

Smash Drums is a single player game, although you can compete against other players asynchronously via a Global Live Ranking board.

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PotamWorks says Smash Drums will see free songs and environments added regularly post-launch, and will also have paid DLC with new bands and tracks.

You can check out Smash Drums today via free demo its free demo on App Lab. The full launch version is coming first to the Quest platform on June 17th, priced at $20; the game is set to launch on PC VR headsets later this year.

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  • asdf

    no thanks. as a drummer id prefer a stationary drum set and guitarHero/Rockband style lanes above them or going to them. I dont want entire drums flying at me that i have to hit as they go by….

  • gothicvillas

    I love drumming irl but this is meh. Also music is slightly off putting but to each its own i guess