Though Sony’s HMZ-T1 is just going on sale today, you’re going to see reviews pop up from a few privileged sites that got to play with the futuristic looking 3D head mounted display early. Gizmodo Australia is one of those sites and their Sony HMZ-T1 review is already posted!

The reviewer gave the HMZ-T1 a rating of 3.5 stars; considering some of the evidence that sounds quite fair.

I’ll won’t spoil the entire review, but it sounds like the HMZ-T1 excels in visual and audio performance but there’s a big hurdle when it comes to comfort. The reviewer says that without spending time getting it to fit properly, it will be very uncomfortable. Even after getting it to fit just right, long sessions put strain on the neck and head. One image of a large red mark on the reviewer’s head after a long session of use was particularly illustrative. We shouldn’t be too surprised about this considering the 420 gram (.92 lbs) weight of the device.

Another issue brought up by the reviewer was the portability of the system. Although the HMZ-T1 claims to create a virtual 120″ display at 10-feet away, it doesn’t seem much more portable than a real 120″ TV;  you must connect the HMD to the control unit which requires its own AC plug for power. The reliance on AC power and the control unit means that using the HMZ-T1 on the go just isn’t that practical.

Silicon Micro Display’s ST1080 HMD actually comes with a 5-hour battery pack in the control unit and can also be powered by USB, thereby making the device somewhat more flexible than the HMZ-T1. Additionally, the ST1080 goggles weigh significantly less at 180 grams, just 28% of the HMZ-T1.

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Be sure to head over to Gizmodo Australia to check out the rest of the Sony HMZ-T1 review!


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