vrlalogo2The third VRLA community VR meetup happens this weekend on Saturday, August 16th. Among some 28 exhibitors, Oculus VR will be on hand to demonstrate the recently released Oculus Rift DK2, alongside Sony who will be present with the Project Morpheus VR headset. Presentations include talks on using Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4 for virtual reality development. Tickets to the event are still available.

VRLA #3 is less than a week away! Join VRLA this Saturday, August 16th, at New Deal Studios in Los Angeles for a VR extravaganza. With 28 exhibitors, 6 presentations, and over 400 attendees, it will be the biggest VRLA event to date.

Exhibitors include:

  • sony-ps4-virtual-reality-project-morpheus-hands-on-gdc-2014
    Sony’s Project Morpheus

    Oculus VR: Escape into Oculus’ latest DK2 head-mounted display.

  • Jaunt VR: Meet the people making cinematic VR a reality with their custom 3D 360 degree camera rig and stitching software.
  • Sixense: Try out their ultra-accurate motion sensing STEM controllers designed for VR.
  • Darknet: Play as an elite hacker in cyberspace in the successor to the game that won last year’s VR game jam.
  • Kite & Lightning: Meet the LA-based studio making incredible VR experiences you can experience with your mind and body (including “Senza Peso” and “Genesis”).
  • Apogee: Try out the advanced, professional audio devices for ultimate quality in sound recording, gearing up for immersive VR applications.
  • Zeus: See the world’s first all-in-one 3D printer that allows users to scan, fax, and print real objects with a touch of a button. 3D printing is the prime technology responsible for today’s VR hardware startup revolution, enabling engineers to rapidly prototype their hardware and allowing them to iterate upon designs with unprecedented speed.
  • Wemo Labs: Check out this local VR studio’s most recent VR experience
  • 12-oculus-rift-dk2-reactions-gdc-2014
    Oculus Rift DK2

    OCVR: Play with several games created during our neighbor meetup OCVR’s most recent hackathon

  • Gameface Labs: Put on Gameface’s newest prototype of their mobile Android-based VR head-mounted display
  • Otherworld Interactive: Play their twin stick shooter on a DK2 as well as a mobile VR experience
  • Disc Golf Legends: Throw a frisbee around in this relaxing third-person game.
  • KOR-FX: Put on this haptic feedback vest that simulates the feeling of footsteps, gunshots, and other effects.
  • Worldviz: Try out the leaders in virtual reality simulation’s latest technology.
  • e3-sixense-stem-ben
    Sixense STEM

    Surf VR Web Browser: Make 3D worlds with standard HTML, CSS, and JS.

  • Specular Theory: This VR/AR content creation studio will be showing off some of their latest experiments.
  • TNG Visual Effects: 3D scanner and mocap system.
  • VRSFX: True binaural 3D audio with regular headphones.
  • Double Me: Real time 3D modeling from regular cameras.
  • Nod: Wave your hand around with this motion controller ring.

Presentations Include:

  • Unity 5 and VR – Carl Callewaert
  • Binaural 3D audio – AJ Campbell
  • Getting started with VR in Unreal Engine 4 – Waqas Hussain
  • Realtime 3D modeling with DoubleMe – Albert Kim
  • Producing The Mission VR – Scott Broock

Tickets and Details

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  • Don Gateley

    I so want a VRSCC (Virtual Reality Santa Clara County) meetup equivalent to VRLA that gets similar interest from vendors.

  • Will I be seeing you there this Saturday? Really looking forward to checking out all the exhibitors. Praise Oculus for having their DK2 there. So many folks don’t even have theirs around here. Plus having an opportunity to try the new STEM is an undeniable opportunity. Going to be a good weekend.

    • Ben Lang

      I wish, sadly I’m based on the East Coast, and our West Coast reporters are up in SF.