Sony today announced that its next-generation VR headset is coming—not in 2021, but it’s definitely a thing. In an interview with GQ, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan says dev kit headsets are close to landing in the hands of developers.

Ryan tells GQ in an interview that the still unnamed headset will be “a completely new VR format for PS5.”

From what we’ve learned so far, those new features will include a single-cord setup, higher resolution, larger field of view, better tracking, and more ergonomic VR controllers housing some of the same tech as DualSense.

“We think there are two themes that you’re going to see: us capturing the technological progress that has taken place since the present VR system came to market and a considerable amount of lessons learned,” Ryan says.

PSVR & PS Move controllers | Image courtesy PlayStation

Ryan mentions that one of those lessons was reducing the entire cable setup to a single cord, saying that “many other similar learnings” are making their ways to the company’s next VR headset. Considering however that dev kits are “about to go out,” Ryan reveals, it’s likely many of the most important bits are already baked in.

Ryan reconfirms SIE’s commitment to VR, saying the continuation of its console-based VR hardware is “a very logical step to take.”

“We believe in VR and have been extremely happy with the results with the present PlayStation VR and think that we will do good business with our new VR system for PlayStation 5. More importantly, we see it as something beyond this coming iteration that really could be really big and really important. We like to innovate; we think our community likes us to innovate. I’d turn around the question and say, “Why not?” For us, it’s a very logical step to take. We’re very excited by it and we think that people who are going to make VR games for our new VR system are going to be very excited too.”

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Ryan was mum on two important bits however. There’s no official naming scheme for the headset yet, and the company isn’t announcing anything specific about developer support, or anything regarding partner studios. Still, he says SIE will “launch our new VR system with appropriate software support.”

As one of the oldest, lowest resolution VR headsets still available to consumers, it’s exciting to see Sony reconfirm their commitment (and financial backing) to the medium. Despite aging hardware specs, there are a host of awesome first and third-party games for PSVR such as Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Tetris Effect, Blood & Truth, Moss, Beat Saber, and Resident Evil 7 biohazard. If Sony is putting their full weight behind its next-gen VR headset, we’re hopefully looking forward to a new class of VR games that take advantage of all that PS5 has to offer.

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  • Amni3D

    Hope they do well.

    They went hard with the PSVR 1 software library, but the whole setup has been holding everything back. If they figure everything out and price decently, then we’ll see a mainstream push I’ll actually champion.

    Genuinely surprised dev kits are rolling out this early. Hoping they’re playing to the Playstation strength of varied first party software. Give me Wipeout and I’m big happy.

  • FrankB

    Good to see Sony still committed to VR which is still a fairly niche market compared to standard gaming. I think its fair to say that prior to the Quests arrival PSVR was instrumental in popularizing VR with an affordable entry point and produced some of the best AAA titles despite the hardware’s shortcomings.

  • 3872Orcs

    Could we see some devs leaking images and specs?

    • Kevin White

      Agreed, and it’ll happen soon I think.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Mmm, don’t count on it, back in the days of the PSVR there weren’t many details about it.
      Also I think most are already working on the game and probably are using something like the Valve Index as that one might come close to what the PSVR2 will be, at least it will be a good starting point when developing the game without having the new hardware. Once you have the hardware you can just optimize it for the real PSVR2.

    • dk

      there was a patent for new controllers …and there were detailed drawings …I don’t remember anything better than that

  • Wild Dog

    Oh, god damnit. I was really hoping they were giving up on vr.

    • dk

      why …I don’t like a headset being locked down to just one platform and being a console instead of spatially tracked monitor working with anything ….but it could be a good thing for the market as far as getting people familiar with vr

      • Wild Dog

        Because I hate exclusives. I wanted PSVR developers to have to port to PC.

        I already have a perfectly good VR headset, I don’t want to have to buy another.

        • dk

          yep understandable ….I would really prefer hardware or software is not locked down like that but that’s the whole console strategy and apparently someone will always be doing that ….at least it will popularize vr so it’s not that bad

          • Wild Dog

            Hmmm. I hate how one of the biggest reasons people buy the quest is because it’s PC compatible. It’s insane that on top of not giving back to PCVR, even rift users can’t play quest games. How greedy can you get?

  • alxslr

    As a collateral benefit, that’s gonna mean salvation for PCVR, too.

  • Shem

    If MS & FB don’t join forces soon I am going to jump ship.

    • Gary

      U want FB to work with MS? Lol no thanks. Rather MS make their own headset than mingle with a scummy company.

  • Good stuff. At last.

  • Anonymous

    Not standalone with PS5 link? I don’t think this is going to end well.
    Sony already has a mature e-shop fanbase, robust 1st party developers, and people trust Sony much more than Facebook. They have every non-monetary advantage (which only time can buy) why don’t they capitalize on it and compete against FB?

    And to those who are afraid of PCVR game being abandoned – that thinking is flawed and illogical. Just like there is market for family car and sport cars, so too would games be so. Just because developers rush to Quest doesn’t mean PCVR is going anywhere as mobile chip just won’t deliver the best experience, and smart developers will always release multiple versions.

    If you truly hope for the future of VR than the device be made relevant and accessible to everyone. Not everyone owns a gaming PC and most have zero interest in getting one just to start playing VR.

    • Gary

      Sony being Sony. They love to keep their proprietary stuff all to themselves like they’re some top dog, when in truth there are a lot of missed opportunities.

  • I hope it does great. I’m sure they will have some awesome software to go with it. That said I cannot get behind a tethered setup for a 2022 release.

  • Sven Viking

    This makes it sound like like they’ll be catching up to current VR tech rather than innovating in any particular area, but that’s not really surprising if so.

  • oomph

    But open XR should be there
    so that PC users on steam can also buy that

  • dk
  • That’s a very good news! As for the name, I bet on PSVR2… we also didn’t know the name of PS5, until it was revealed and it felt so obvious…