After announcing the company sold over 2 million PSVR headsets to date, Sony is now temporarily lowering the price of one of its latest bundles to just $200, which includes PlayStation VR, PS Camera, and a copy of Gran Turismo Sport (2017). To top it off, the other bundles are also seeing the return of Black Friday price cuts, but just not as dramatic as the GTS bundle.

While the bundle admittedly contains the older PlayStation VR headset, which recently saw a hardware refresh that included integrated audio, slimmer cable, and HDR passthrough, the deal represents the lowest we’ve ever seen PSVR go. Black Friday saw the GT Sport bundle cut from its $400 MSRP to the temporary price of $300, which at the time was just about the best you could hope for.

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We’ve already spotted the deal at Walmart, but keep an eye on the following retailers for the deal too: AmazonBest BuyGamestopNewegg

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It’s possible the company initially created the GT Sport bundle to flush its last remaining stock of the older headset, as it was released mere days before the company announced the Skyrim VR bundle which contains the newer headset, PS Camera, PS Move controllers, and a copy of Skyrim VR—all at only $50 more than the GT Sport $300 Black Friday price. It’s likely Gran Turismo Sport didn’t see the same level of enthusiasm at the register, so Sony is cashing in their chips with one last incredible deal before the older headset is gone forever. Whatever the case may be, the deal is simply too good to pass up.

Other Deals (good until December 16th)

  • PlayStation VR DOOM VFR Bundle ($300, $400)
  • PlayStation VR The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Bundle ($350, $450)
  • PS4 Pro 1TB Jet Black Console ($350, $400)

With a PS4 Slim console fetching $280 (regular price), you can now purchase everything you need to get into VR for less than $500, or just a little under the price of PSVR’s ‘all-in’ bundle at launch in 2016. You’ll probably want to add a pair of PS Move though, but since they’ve been around since PS3, you can find them for as little as $25 per controller.

Update (10:30 AM ET): Information regarding other bundles has been added, including the effective period when the sale will end.

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  • Sch@dows

    Well, there is also the fact that GTS isn’t the best game for VR.
    There is less immersion without a steering wheel, and the game is limited to a 1 vs 1 against the AI (without any possibility to crank up its difficulty) in arcade mode.

  • ra51

    Is this for the new version of the PSVR headset or old one?

    • Thanatos



    old version