There are those who said the era of the demo disc had come to an end. Alas, Sony is set to release a second VR demo disc to give players a fresh taste of some of the top and upcoming PlayStation VR content. While the PlayStation VR Demo Disc 2 will come included with the new GT Sport and Skyrim PSVR bundles, it’ll also be available to download for free starting today.

Good news for new and existing PSVR owners, the new PlayStation VR Demo Disc 2 is due to launch on the PlayStation Store today as a free download. The demo collection will feature 13 demos, most of which are new, though there’s two repeats from the prior demo disc. Sony confirmed to UploadVR the listing of demos on the new disc:

  • Job Simulator (2016)
  • Moss (2018) [unreleased]
  • Starblood Arena (2017)
  • Thumper (2016)
  • EVE: Valkyrie (2016) [on previous disc]
  • Rez Infinite (2016)
  • Fantastic Contraption (2017)
  • Raw Data (2017)
  • The Persistence (2018) [unreleased]
  • Tiny Trax (2017)
  • BattleZone (2016) [on previous disc]
  • Star Child (2018) [unreleased]
  • Dino Frontier (2017)

The PlayStation VR Demo Collection 2 is already available for download in the Australian PlayStation store, and should be rolling out to other PSVR regions throughout the day. Those buying the new PSVR GT Sport bundle [Amazon] or PSVR Skyrim bundle will get a physical copy of the new demo disc.

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  • Keith.

    Excellent, thanks for the heads up.

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  • flamaest

    This is how it’s done. This will certainly generate a lot of games sales for Sony.

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