Space Junkies (2019), the zero-G VR shooter from Ubisoft, just got its ‘Episode 3’ update, which adds a host of fresh content to the game on all supported platforms, including PC VR headsets and PSVR.

Announced on the Oculus blog, Ubisoft’s Montpellier studio has added a new map to the game called ‘The Jail’, an abandoned alien prison facility. The Jail is now the game’s largest interior map, including multiple levels and cover options.

As for new modes, Space Junkies now has a new 3v3 mode as well as something called ‘Chivalry mode’, which focuses on a new mid/long-range precision bow and arrow weapon.


Ubisoft says you can choose to let off three arrows from your quiver or pull back on the bow longer to merge your shots into a single laser arrow for a more powerful punch. Chivalry mode also limits your equipment to ratchet up the challenge.

“Chivalry was inspired by one of our Gameplay Programmers who likes to Cosplay and play with medieval swords,” explains Ubisoft producer Adrian Lacey. “Players enjoyed close quarter combat in our spherical battlespaces, so we decided to take it a step further by adding the ‘Bowminator’ to increase skill level, encourage precision shooting, and add a tactical layer.”

A new character called the Mental Mollusk is also now available, a member of the Quantic Calamari family.


Space Junkies, once a multiplayer-only game, now has training bots, which finally lets you hone your skills on your lonesome. Ubisoft has added three difficulty modes. You’ll also be able to fight bots while you wait for multiplayer matches to queue up.

Space Junkies is currently 62% off through Steam (Index, Rift, Vive, Windows VR) and the Oculus Store (Rift). The discount lasts until July 9th. The game is also priced at $20 through the PS Store for PSVR.

If you’re looking for an closer look at Space Junkies, check out our in-depth review to find out why we gave it a solid [7.7/10].

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  • 3872Orcs

    Does it support Index controllers?

  • DanDei

    How long does it take to find a match?
    I am always a bit sceptical with MP VR titles. The best games are worth nothing when I am not gonna play it because every round requires 5 or more minutes of waiting first.

    • John Overholt

      According to Steamcharts right now, looks like 11 people playing, with 24 player peak over 24 hours.

  • Raphael

    Very sad with this game. I was on beta testing. The developer spent a lot of time creating it and it’s a big release across multiple VR platforms and then they go destroy it at launch with an insane price. CCP did the same with Eve Valkryie. It illustrates how big publishers can be totally detached from reality.

    • Tailgun

      Yeah, it should have started at $15 with sale prices bringing it down to 10 to add more players as updates were released.

      • Raphael

        Yup, I don’t even see the point of buying at on sale now because the price will return to INSANE again ensuring the game dies.

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  • Jarilo

    People don’t really want Multiplayer only and it’s an extremely competitive genre to gain and/or retain users in VR.

  • Jonathan Winters III

    Yay, SP added. Now will consider purchase.

  • Raphael