SpaceVR has now secured the funds to shoot a 360-degree camera into space, where it will hitch a ride along the observation deck of the International Space Station (ISS).

With only days before the conclusion of the team’s Kickstarter campaign, SpaceVR has topped over $100,000 in funding to send their 4-camera 360 rig, dubbed ‘Overview One’, to low Earth orbit.

The funds are earmarked to cover flight certification, launch costs, and monoscopic 16K resolution footage that will be brought back to Earth 2 times per year.

overview one spacevr
SpaveVR’s 6-camera stereoscopic prototype

The team aims to send Overview One to the ISS’ Cupola module where it will capture what astronauts call ‘the Overview Effect’, or the cognitive shift that happens when you see the the entire Earth presented to you at once.

SpaceVR is hoping to deliver footage to backers and beta testers (sign up here) as early as Q3 of 2016 when the camera rig will be brought back down to Earth and prepped for processing.

Backers at the $50 mark will enjoy unlimited SpaceVR content, one of the biggest changes in their reward structure since their first crowdfunding attempt back in August. The 360 footage is viewable on all VR headsets, including the most economic of devices, Google Cardboard.

You can check out some examples of the team’s 360 content here.

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