‘Star Wars Vader Immortal’ Confirmed for Oculus Rift, New Trailer Revealed


Today during the Star Wars celebration event, a panel of creators developing the upcoming Star Wars Vader Immortal confirmed that the experience will be coming to the Oculus Rift, in addition to Quest which was previously confirmed.

Star Wars Vader Immortal was announced last year as a collaboration between ILMxLAB—Lucasfilm’s immersive storytelling arm—and Oculus Studios. The title was confirmed for Oculus Quest at the time, but today it was announced that it will also be coming to Rift.

A new trailer shows some of the story elements at play, as well as lightsaber combat:

The experience has been described as a ‘series’, and the only bit that’s been talked about so far is ”episode one’. From descriptions by the team working on the project, it increasingly seems that the title will be more of an ‘experience’ focused primarily on story rather than a full fledged game. During the creator panel it was said that “it’s not a movie, it’s not a ride, and it’s not a game,” describing how building the experience for VR involved fusing aspects of each.

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  • Courtney A Jeff

    Looks interesting and now it’s coming to rift so I dont need a new vr.Jesus too died for you,He is alive !

    • Torsten Balle Koefoed

      I didn’t see anyone called Jesus in the trailer. Who is he and how did he die? Is he a sith-lord too? Or one of the Jedis who got killed by Vader and then immortalised himself with Yodas “ghost trick”?

      • Electric Lunatic

        Qui-Gon Jinn is Jesus Christ.

    • 3872Orcs

      Seems fine. I’ll play it via Revive. Praise be the Flying Spaghetti Monster! He boiled for your sins! May you be forever touched by His Noodly Appendage!

    • jj

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  • Andres Velasco

    So the main character is asian and a female. “The future is female” apparently. No more Obi wan or Luke?

  • Nelson Tutorials

    No Oculus GO support? Thats a bummer.

    • Torsten Balle Koefoed

      If you’re going to be a swashbuckling Sith (or Jedi or whatever), you probably want to use a properly tracked controller and 6DOF.

      • Nelson Tutorials

        Oh really, i didnt know it required 6dof controller, its not even out yet. I thought it was a movie experience series like Layers of Fear on Oculus GO.

  • sfmike

    So once again to be on the light side you have to be a woman. This whole girl power thing in the gaming industry and movies has gotten tired. I guess I missed the study that showed 80% of VR gamers are women. Please give us a choice or let us have the option to being on the evil testosterone fueled dark side.

    • Lucidfeuer

      It’s actually devaluating the individual value of women characters and models in culture, amongst other things. But there’s a reason for every propaganda.

    • NooYawker

      The embattled white male.

      • dirtysteve

        Given that every day, white kids are seeing shit like yours, can you blame them for being sick of it?

        • NooYawker

          I know, little snowflakes are so sensitive, how will they survive this cruel country run by a majority of white men?

          • dirtysteve

            You’re an absolute moron. Keep peddling race hate, see how far it gets you.

          • NooYawker

            And we’re back to the embattled whiny little white man. Aka snowflake bitch.

    • slipdippity


    • Ellie 187

      I always use a female avatar if I have the option… staring at the backside of a character for hours on end, what kind of backside do you want to stare at over and over again ?

  • Sebastien Mathieu

    looks awesome!! just hope it’s not just another 30 min demo…..

    • MrAbodi

      nope, it’s a 1 hour experience.

  • eckehard

    Also -das wird das absolute KILLER – Game – für mich besser als alles andere !! (nach Sichtung des neuen Trailers !)

    • kuhpunkt

      Sprich Englisch, Mutterficker.

      • eckehard

        poor little boy – you don´t know and don´t use google translator -silly !

        • kuhpunkt

          Wovon redest du? Du bist hier auf ner englischsprachigen Seite und kommentierst auf Deutsch. Was soll das?


    Ace! The follow up to Secrets Of The Empire in my living room with wireless roomscale VR? Sweet!

  • Nelson Tutorials

    Whats the funny? GO has the best screen panel than Rift/Vive or even Vive Pro, no SDE, no anti-glare, no aberration and only costs (200$) even the new Rift S will use the same panel as the GO. I bet now you shit your pants for smiling that hard.

    • That’sright

      It’s basically a Google cardboard or a gear vr. Shitty pointer controller processor that wouldn’t work any good games, the headset doesn’t even have positional tracking the last time I tried it I got dizzy with a headache in 3 minutes because of the lack of positional tracking.

  • Pablo C

    Considering it is about a 1 hr experience, based on Star Wars: How much do you think it should cost, and how much will it probably cost?

  • Ellie 187

    Insta-buy… sucks I have to use revive to enjoy it, but ok, there is no way i’m going to sit this one out because of my hatred of Mark Zuckerberg.