ILMxLAB, the immersive entertainment studio from Lucasfilms, is bringing the final installment of its Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge VR game. The in-app paid DLC comes exclusively to Oculus Quest starting today.

Update (September 15th, 2021): ILMxLAB released ‘Last Call’ on Quest today, which is capping the series off with four major stories that will get you doing things like blasting away at pirates and First Order storm troopers, wielding a lightsaber as a Jedi knight, and taking on the role of a highly-skilled assassin droid.

A previous headline suggested Last Call would be a game in its own right, however the content is actually being offered as an in-app paid DLC for $10, which you’ll find within the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge game on Quest.

In order to play, you’ll need have beaten the original story, so if you’ve deleted your previous game progress you’ll need to go back and beat the game again to have access to the new content. The original article (and trailer) announcing Last Call follows below:

Original Article (September 3rd, 2021): The episode, dubbed Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Last Call, is set to feature new tales and adventures that let you explore the wilds of Batuu as you help Dok-Ondar recover an ancient artifact. It’s launching September 15th, coming exclusively to Quest.

In it, you’ll get to explore new environments on Batuu including Sardeevem Chasm and the Cavern of the Moons, which contain the standard smattering of the series’ mainstay: pirates and puzzles.

“Additionally, you stumble upon a hidden First Order facility far, far away from Black Spire Outpost — highly dangerous and growing in secret,” the studio says. “With an unlikely collection of allies including Lens Kamo, Hondo, Mubo, R2-D2, and C-3PO behind you, infiltrate the First Order’s operation and attempt to thwart an evil that threatens all of Batuu.”

There’s also set to be some more Jedi action here too. ILMxLAB gives a brief rundown:

The story of Ady’Sun Zee continues in The Sacred Garden, set in The High Republic era many years after her first Tale. The apprentice has now leveled up into a Jedi Knight, and must teach her Padawan, Nooa, the ways of the Force — while learning some lessons herself.”

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Last Call will be available on the Oculus Quest platform September 15th for $10, or a total of $35 for the full experience which includes the first installment too.

We gave the first a not wholly-unrespectable [6/10] in our review for its fun set pieces and Star Wars wow-factor, although the campaign suffered from a lack of enemy variety and only has a single boss battle. The campaign offers up three-ish hours of gameplay, so it’ll be good opportunity to pop back onto Batuu to see the conclusion of the first’s mostly blaster-heavy story.

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You might recognize a few notable voice actors in the trailer. Hondo Ohnaka is voiced by Jim Cummings (Winnie the Pooh), and Neeva is voiced by Anika Noni Rose (The Princess and the Frog). Other notables include Daman Mills (Dragon Ball Super: Broly) voicing stormtrooper leader Lt. Gauge, and Darin DePaul lending his voice to mobster Boggs Triff, known for his work on Overwatch and Final Fantasy XV. The talented Rhys Darby is also playing the assassin droid IG-88, who has previously worked on Yes Man and Flight of the Conchords.

Returning voice talent include Ellie Araiza, Anthony Daniels, Cory Rouse, Bobby Moynihan, Lens Kamo, and Mark Rolston.

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  • DigitalJackson

    Enjoyed the first game, but was disappointed that I did not get to venture into the settlement town recreated from the theme park… only view it from a window. Looks like that’s not gonna happen with this one either.

  • Sky Castle

    All of the Star Wars VR games have been disappointing so far. I want to see main characters, main locations, main story lines. Vadar Immortal is the only one that featured a main villain but that’s it. Still just an ok “experience”.

    I want to see Luke and Leia a VR game.

    • We all want to see OT “Star Wars” in VR.
      But what’s been done so far is far from “disappointing”.

  • sfmike

    Not the greatest but these are the kind of quality games we need more of.

    • *I’ll* say ….
      A LOT more of.

      • Mary Scott

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    • Cless


  • Yeshaya

    There’s no way to play this our PCVR through Revive or something, right?

    • Uh-Uh.

      • Cless

        Did you… like your own post? lol

    • Pablo C

      No, that´s why is blurry

  • Pablo C

    I predict it”ll be blury

    • Pablo C

      Downvoting me will not make it sharper.

      • jimmy

        It’s not blurry at all dipshit it have the full 4K resolution of quest panels unlike the index or vive

        • Pablo C

          Yeah, try to play on a 4k tv with a PS3 console, see what happens.

        • Pablo C

          Yeah, because we are talking of physical pixel resolution, right?

        • Pablo C

          Yeah, because we are talking of the actual pixel resolution. Try using a 4K TV with a PS3, see what happens.

  • Cless

    Its depressing to think that with a similar amount of effort, this could have been done for PC with way superior visuals.

    • ViRGiN

      It’s depressing to think that PCVR people are mostly waiting for sales, and continues to play the very same 3 games – beat saber, rec room, pavlov.
      That’s depressing, and that’s why it’s not coming to PCVR.

      • Cless

        I agree! But well, PC is the best platform in the end, its only a matter of time. The wait will be painful though!
        PCVR will keep slowly but surely building up numbers in a more or less exponential curve, like its been doing since 2016. So eventually it will be a non-issue.

        But you kind of missed my point, I was not talking about it as a customer, but as a developer. I know what those 3D Artists went through. How much it sucks to put dozens of hours of work to make a gorgeous 3D character/asset, to just then crunch it down into an average PS3-like asset, its kind of painful. And again, you can always build for PC and downgrade to inferior hardware later, but the other way around (Well, you can, but its WAY harder and more work to do).

        PS. Oh damn! I had such a crazy week I totally forgot answering you back on the other post, I’ll be going there now.

        • shadow9d9

          PCVR has no one funding games, no one making serious headsets anymore, and has the lowest retention rates of all vr by orders of magnitude. Prepare for a long wait.

          • Cless

            “No one making serious headsets anymore”…? So headsets like the Vive Pro 2, Reverb G2 are throwaway headsets I guess…?

            And it won’t be that long give it about 2 years more tops. The Quest itself is propping up VR as a whole too, and the PSVR2 will do a lot for general VR too.
            Games need to grow up from their “gimmick VR” phase into the, “implementing VR into regular games because its cool” phase.

          • ViRGiN

            Vive Pro 2 – what’s pro about it? A slight bump in resolution, fov? Wireless adapter that costs as much as Quest 2, is still wired to battery, and delivers half of what the pro is about in the first place?

            G2 – even bigger resolution, with even worse tracking, and even worse controllers. What’s serious about this?

            IMO it really boils down to FB account vs non FB account.
            I don’t know how hardcore you would have to be, to truly be impressed by playing the same game on Q2 vs everything else.

          • Cless

            Yeah, you are dead right on the funding part there, I got to agree with that. Valve is very hands off about it for some reason, or at least not as open as Facebook and Epic have been. I guess they just don’t care enough, or they don’t think it will be worth it for them.

            I didn’t remember the Onward thing, so I went back and read about it. Apparently it was just a temporal thing while he was a 1 man team so he could learn more, so nothing too notable.

            Vive Pro 2 is not a slight bump in resolution. I get the feeling you haven’t tried them side by side, because If you had you would know the huge difference. Its almost double the pixels than the Quest 2, with an overall better LCD display, even if in my opinion all LCDs for gaming are pretty close to unusable tech only used for its lower market price.

            The G2 does not have as much resolution as the VP2 either, but it has higher ppd. The tracking is way way better over the previous version. Again, you would know this if you had used them.
            The difference in tracking between the G2 and the Quest 2 is way smaller than between the Quest 2 and any Light house based headset, including the ancient OG Vive Pro. It still is the gold standard for tracking.

            The Quest 2 has the advantage to be a mixed headset, it is a PCVR headset, but also its own thing, and I hope they keep it that way going forward.

            But yeah, I’ve had the Quest 2 side by side with my Vive Pro+Index controllers, and man, there is just nothing that beats decent OLED displays, at least for gaming. If you want to use it as a monitor or being productive reading stuff, I totally get why go with LCD. But yeah, when you want image quality, OLED is the way to go. But of course, this is a very subjective thing, I value good color and good contrast over pixel density and refreshrate, probably because I can put a VR headset for 8 hours straight without too much issue and no fatigue whatsoever.

          • ViRGiN

            I’m definetly pro oled, even with the worse subpixels arrangements (pentile if i remember correctly).

            Lighthouse is superior, but just like resolution in these pro headsets – it’s not substantial. I did own og Vive and cv1 from day one – back then Vive was a clear winner, but with current q2 tracking – I’ll struggle to see any clear gains other than in benchmarks or goofing around with tracking behind the back. I can play all titles, with no compromise – no avoiding fast movements, no putting hands in weird pose to avoid occlusion. There isn’t that much to say I’m missing anything compared to lighthouse. Pool games are also not dominant, and i dont remember when was the latest released..

            Similar to resolution – unless you’re into simulators – sorry, but i can’t agree there is any substantial difference with q2 or g2 – i don’t own g2 (no reason for multiple headsets for one head) but used it on multiple occasions for hours, and there is nothing that i missed after going back to q2, especially with all the indie software for pcvr that doesn’t take real advantage of even rtx20 series.

            There is no true headset for my productivity use either – especially when my daily driver is a 4k monitor. Q2 looks great with 1080p virtual desktop, but that’s just cool to look at imo.

            If there was q2 oled, i would choose it despite any drawbacks. I don’t like lcd either, but the one in q2 is best to date imo.

          • Cless

            Yeah, I have to agree with everything you said there. In the middle of the game, specially if its a very intense one, you won’t notice the extra resolution, just like the LCDs are also less noticeable (unless its a dark game).

            Hopefully next generation will be better. ARM chips seem to be jumping a lot in quality soon, so the next Quest headset might have finally some OG ps4 graphics, while on the PSVR2 space, it seems that Sony might get into 2K OLED displays, we will have to see…

            I think the only interesting thing the light house tracking has that the Quest 2 can’t get is the fullbody tracking, but again, like you argued, its such a small and specific scenario… that it just isn’t worth it unless you already have it.

          • ViRGiN

            Oh and the point with onward was kinda that pcvr crowd really complained about fb ruining their favorite game/market – but very, very few will actually blame Valve. The same people love to claim that “there would be no Oculus without Valve”, because of some old prototype.

          • Klaus-Peter Kollitsch

            G2 is serious. Depends, what you do with it, but i have a blast iracing, completely different experience than before with my cv1.And yes, tracking is mediocre, but not bad, when you can optimize the room. Valve index would be great without cable and g2 displays. There are a lot of great headsets, but not the ONE , you have to decide what fits your needs best.

          • VRFriend

            “G2 – even bigger resolution, with even worse tracking, and even worse controllers. What’s serious about this?”
            A total bs, spread by mentally incapable people. I own it. Everything works perfectly and great tracking which is being improved with new updates.

          • shadow9d9

            Except there isn’t “plenty” really. Every well funded extra counts. There is no incentive for pcvr with its horrid retention and constant sales.

          • shadow9d9

            Vive Pro got horrid reviews while G2 is wired and got mediocre reviews.

          • Cless

            Even if true, its irrelevant. Being good or bad doesn’t influence if they were serious launches or not.

        • ViRGiN

          I didn’t get any notification, and I don’t remember which news was it. Anyway.

          By the time PCVR is desirable again, let’s assume this gets ported again, in HD.. When it happens, I bet people will complain about simplicity of the gameplay – probably rightly so. And so, it will remain obscure again.

          I don’t see PCVR getting anyones serious attention, Until Quest 2 + PSVR2 sells huge numbers of headsets, and have tons of library. But even then – what’s the point of, let’s assume a future GTA VR, or Battlefield VR – ported to PC?
          One console, powerful enough to do handle it – is an infinitetly easier than developing for several headsets and multitude of PC configurations. Maybe, that’s what killed PCVR as well – too many “options”, which basically comes down to Facebook vs everything else. But only one is delivering serious advances, and the biggest point of everything else is lack of Facebook account (while requiring Steam account; I don’t remember if WMR required Microsoft account – I think it did, to even install the software).

          So by the time PCVR is desirable – this game will be not. I’ve seen lots of complaints that Quest doesn’t bring anything new, and most games are just ports of early PCVR titles..

        • NooYawker

          Is there already VR fanboys? The market hasn’t even matured yet and you’re doing this?

        • shadow9d9

          It really isn’t though. Only facebook and sony are spending real money developing games. No one, including valve, are funding pcvr. PCVR also has BY FAR the worst retention rate of vr users.

          • Cless

            Developing games is expensive. If there aren’t enough, they won’t make them. That’s why its on a Quest, in a walled garden.

      • VRFriend

        Add more games to the list – Alyx, FS2020, Batman Arkham, Vader Immortal. Because nothing interesting is being released.

        • shadow9d9

          Lots of interesting games are being released. You just have to be willing to try different genres.

        • Ryan

          SkyrimVR and Blade and Sorcery.

      • Andrew Jakobs

        Well, with such a vast selection of games on PC it’s no wonder why people mostly wait until sales. A lot of people don’t have the money to buy games at introduction prices and they still have a lot of games in their collection which they haven’t played yet. With devices like Quest they selection of games is very limited and only to VR games, with PC you have regular games AND VR games.
        For me personally, I have such a large collection of games, even VR games, and I haven’t paid more than 5 bucks for any of them, with only a very few exceptions, like Star Wars Rogue squadron and Star Trek Bridge Crew, and even those I bought when they were on sale.

        • ViRGiN

          You could give me a $200 credit to buy vr games, and there is nothing desirable for me, and tons of others. You’re in extreme minority of you feel like you have tons of options to play.

          • shadow9d9

            You are on a site with VR game reviews. There are dozens to choose from. You likely only play 1-2 genres, and don’t play a huge variety of game. That is on you and you are missing out.

          • ViRGiN

            Or i simply don’t enjoy other genres and i won’t be forcing myself to play Skyrim for example, when I’m really into shooters. FPS are probably the most natural and expected for for vr, together with cockpit games. Despite many fps games available, even late 2000s titles offer more. On top of that, I’ve been into vr since 2012. I played Onward in 2016. In 2021 and after Facebook acquisition, it’s still mediocre. You sound like you got into vr last year and have a lot of catching up and perhaps still into honeymoon phase “it’s cool, cause it’s in vr”.

    • shadow9d9

      And way, we immersion due to wires and being stuck in one room.

      • Cless

        That’s for the ones that use cables? You know one of the good things about PCVR is you do whatever the godamn hell you want with them instead of being told what to do by Facebook or Sony.

        • ViRGiN

          Such as what, spending equivalent of quest 2 to buy Vive wireless adapter and play within lighthouse coverage, while having cable running from your head to the waist?

          Time to get over it. Ignore anything Facebook, and you have plenty of stuff to enjoy.. don’t you?

          • Cless

            The quest 2 is PCVR too my dude. I know plenty of people that don’t buy shit in the store and use it mostly with their PC. Although most of them are game devs that don’t mind lower quality hardware in exchange for a lower price.

          • shadow9d9

            Most people only play the same 2-3 big named games over and over… and that is exactly why pcvr is dead.

          • Cless

            Lol, PCVR will never be dead. Your opinion is a joke, just like people in the early 2000’s saying consoles killed PC gaming, for very similar reasons I have to add…

          • ViRGiN

            That depends how you describe dead and alive. Is it alive because there are pcvr users, or there are indie games coming out (that “nobody” plays)?

            For me it’s dead cause it failed to gain big developer attention.

            Would you say pcvr is still not dead in 3 years time, when Quest let’s say is outselling pcvr 100:1, and pcvr still haven’t seen any serious releases, and people are still playing recroom bsaber and pavlov?

          • Cless

            Again with that… One of the reasons the Quest 2 sells is because its also PCVR headset. The forums aren’t inundated with people asking how to connect it to their PC for no reason.

            And no, I wouldn’t call an industry growing at an almost exponential rate dead. You guys just seem to have no clue on how much making an actual videogame costs or how much time it takes.
            Making a regular game is already risky. Making a VR game is WAY more risky. On top of that how long do you think good games take to be made? Let’s say they started devolpment in 2019, they could still have one or two more years left of development.
            Games don’t grow on trees in 2 months like you guys think they do. If a good game is out today in the market, is because in 2017-2018 they thought it was a good moment/idea to make it.

          • ViRGiN

            Ahh, so you are basically claiming quest 2 is primarily used as pcvr headset, and standalone is used in very low numbers.

            What a hill to die on.

          • Cless

            No, I said it counts as a PCVR headset, don’t put words in my mouth. I’m saying its a PCVR headset, because it is one. I mean, any VR headset you can connect to the PC and use it in a decent way is a PCVR headset, isn’t it?
            If we can’t even agree on such a that, I don’t think we should be discussing.
            Also, you kind of forgot to answer to the rest of my more important points. I guess its not a coincidence.

          • ViRGiN

            Yes, it is pcvr headset. Still doesn’t make quest games to be viable financially for pcvr.

            I totally ignored the rest of the content because it’s completly obsolete. You’re not a proven developer, and just talk out of your ass about things that do sound like they make sense. Just enjoy pcvr superiority and stop getting triggered every time quest gets exclusive content, that “could” look much better on pc (while being shat on for everything else so people can justify going back to pavlov and bsaber that already have them hundreds of hours of joy for the same price).

          • Cless

            I’m not claiming they should not do them for the Quest. I’m saying that the cost of making a half decent port is very low.
            Improving the game to that degree isn’t THAT expensive, since it would take 1 or 2 extra months of development, wich with studios that size is EASY to offset by sales on a platform like steam. Specially when you have a name like Star Wars behind you.
            The reason for that is that most 3D art workflows will be in fact done at a higher resolution and then scaled down. That is even more true for mobile platforms. So most of the extra time spent would be just testing for bugs and some minor compatibility issues on the programing side.

            I don’t know what parts of my argument are “obsolete” I would be thankful if you could point towards it.
            Also, I don’t know what you mean by “proven developer” is, this is the internet, you can believe me if I make sense, or not, its up to you. I have a few years experience on VR game development, so I wouldn’t call my opinions taken out of my ass. But they are my own, and I’m sure other devs might disagree with me in some points. Where are you taking yours though? I’m interested in knowing that.

            PCVR is superior to “Mobile VR” in every respect pretty much if you are willing to spend the cash. I’m sure people will like it better as the games library keeps growing over the years, just like regular PC’s has.
            I dislike the closed garden approach Facebook has, even if I like it more than before, since now at least, there is an actual hardware difference that requires developers to build a completely different build for a different CPU architecture.

            If they want to enter the PCVR market, they HAVE to compete with other games, yes. Price the game appropriately and people won’t shit on it so hard. Don’t claim its “THE REAL ULTIMATE STAR WARS EXPERIENCE ON VR”, just that its a port from a mobile platform, then price it accordingly and people won’t shit on you (well, assholes and trolls always be there, ofc).

          • shadow9d9

            No one is funding pcvr and devs are flocking to quest for the massive sales compared to pcvr.

          • Cless

            PCVR is just too risky, it needs heavy funding to offset the risk. Quest titles are substantially lower quality, thus they have lower budgets, meaning its easier to fund. That is the real reason why there are many indie/small studios migrating to it.

          • shadow9d9

            “The quest 2 is PCVR too my dude. I know plenty of people that don’t buy shit in the store and use it mostly with their PC.”

            So, they don’t really do VR then…what, with the horrible pcvr retention rate.

          • Cless

            Correction, they don’t use it for “VR Games”. Many use it to develop, to do art or to hack into regular games to make them 3D.
            Also, about half of them own more than one headset, so I don’t think they represent the “average VR user” either.

        • shadow9d9

          Told what to do? Is that what you think console users feel?

          • Cless

            Yeah, I know this for a fact, since you know, I’m a user and a gamedev.

  • Cless

    “Best Quest 2 game thus far”…? You haven’t even tried it yet dude…

    • You’ve ZERO idea of what you’re talking about.
      Name a Quest 2 game with better graphics,
      better music & FX, better voice acting, better writing.
      Name ONE. Go on, I’ll wait ….
      What are you gonna say tops “Galaxy’s Edge”? “Beat Saber”? lol

      • Cless

        Lol, yeah, of course I have got zero idea. That’s exactly my point, I’ve played 0 minutes of the game, thus I can’t say shit about its quality. How many hours have you played to make those claims? Because I’m sure you must have completed the game and played a few extra dozens of hours to claim such a thing!

        For all you know, it could literally be plagued with a thousand issues. For all you know, it could literally be a giant malfunction mess that overheats and bricks your headset.

        So why don’t you try to stop embarrassing yourself and just say that you are excited for the game instead of making crazy claims you have 0 ways to back up?

      • ViRGiN

        That soviet moon base game or something was the biggest beauty already on q1

        • “Red Matter”.
          Looks very nice, but with immersion-killing boringness.
          And that ending: you GOTTA be kidding me …. lol

  • Nicholas

    It might be the last call, but it isn’t the last cash grab. Go 50 minutes adventure!

  • Carl Wells

    Is it worth $10? how many hours of play?