Stardust Odyssey, a co-op spaceship shooter from Agharta Studio, was announced during PlayStation’s ‘State of Play’ broadcast back in September. Although we’re no closer to really grasping what the mysterious title as to offer in terms of gameplay, we should know pretty soon, as Stardust Odyssey is coming to PSVR next month.

Update (November 20th, 2019): Stardust Odyssey is officially arriving on PSVR December 3rd.

Here’s how Agharta Studios describes gameplay:

“Stardust Odyssey is an adventure steering game, mixing stealth combat, bosses and RPG elements (collectibles/shop/upgrades). The player embodies a smuggler whose mission is to infiltrate convoys of nomad merchant ships. It’s a fantasy world with oriental inspirations like the Silk Road and the nomadic tribes.”

Yeah, we’re not sure what that means either, but it does look wholly unique. Check out the new trailer below:

Original Article (September 25th, 2019): Although the game put you in the pilot seat of a spaceship traversing the galaxy, it’s not supposed to be ‘hard sci-fi’. The game’s art director and concept artist Jordan Parrin says in a PS blogpost that Stardust Odyssey is rather based on an “80’s-style, French sci-fi universe inspired by the likes of Mœbius and Jean-Claude Mezières, leaning more towards a world of fantasy based on magic and not industrial, advanced technology.”

The sci-fi adventure is said to be playable in either single or co-op mode; the studio says it will offer up 14 levels that are “filled with treasures and secrets,” and plenty of level bosses and underlings along the way.

Image courtesy Agharta Studio

Here’s Agharta’s description of the game:

The evil of the Abyss has returned, and it is up to you to stop the threat! Jump aboard your Ethercraft and explore the most powerful convoys of the world of Stardust Odyssey! Find the 9 Relics and use your magic against the Guardians to restore the balance of your world. Navigate through merchant ships filled with treasures, search for the mysterious hidden Ethers, upgrade your ship, and defeat colossal Guardians in epic boss battles! But beware of the creatures of the Abyss hidden in the dark…

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Agharta Studio, the Lyon, France-based team behind Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe (2016) for Oculus Rift, hasn’t made mention whether they’ll bring Stardust Odyssey to PC VR too. It’s currently listed as PSVR-only, although it will support PS Move controllers, the creators say.

We’re sure to get a bigger reveal closer to its Winter 2019 launch, and hopefully a lot more information to show more of the game’s overall scope. Here’s a quick sizzle reel taken from State of Play to whet your appetite:

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  • namekuseijin

    looks like bow to blood

  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    When I see Agartha Studios I always remember their brilliant Epic Dragon VR demo for DK1.

    These guys have been in the VR game for quite some time. Whatever they’re up to – I’m sure they know what they’re doing.


    fan sempre piacere avere queste schifo di sorprese…….la VR ne ha bisogno…………

  • “It’s a fantasy world with oriental inspirations like the Silk Road and the nomadic tribes”…what does it mean???