Steam Next Fest, the newly renamed Steam Game Festival, is starting its week-long PC gaming celebration on June 16th, bringing along with it free demos from upcoming VR titles, developer livestreams, and Q&As.

As part of Steam Next Fest announcement earlier this month, Valve threw out a video showing off the playable VR demos coming to the week-long festival, naming five games and promising “so many more.”

Here’s the list of those five mentioned in the video. We also linked that below so you can get a peek at each game in action:

If this month’s Steam Next Fest is anything like the Game Festival back in February, we’re expecting to see many more VR game demos, as earlier this year the platform attracted around 20 titles. We haven’t seen the full list of participating games, but we’ll sure to keep you updated as they’re revealed.

If you want to get a jump start on at least one of the VR games on offer, Against already has a free demo, which features a single level of its gritty rhythm-based, neo-noir bad-guy-punching goodness.

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Outside of PC VR games, Steam Next Fest is also hosting demos across a number of PC genres including adventure games, RPGs, puzzles, platformers, and strategy games.

The week will also play host to developer chats, live streams, and include new info on upcoming games. Valve calls the format “an opportunity to get early feedback from players and build an audience for a future launch on Steam.”

Steam Next Fest goes from June 16th to June 22nd. You can sign up for an official reminder here, which can send you either an email or push notification from the Steam mobile app.

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    Sweet. Can’t wait to try out undead citadel

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  • Wild Dog

    I’m glad Steam is finally acting self-aware and trying to lure more interest to their marketplace before Facebook steals more triple-a titles, but I doubt this will be enough.

  • The 16th we also launch our renewed HitMotion! It will be a cool day

  • Calming Winds
    • Hehe, I saw this yesterday on reddit I think, neat :D

  • kim ppp

    Oh Cool. Is there any other games on festival not mention in video? Can you check them later?

  • Patrick Ruffin

    Jumped in there and palyed some great demos. Sable was cool . Carth blew me away with its beauty and depth even as a demo in Alpha. Really excited and going back to try some more