Steam’s legendary seasonal sale is now underway, but this year, virtual reality consumers have two competing platforms from which to browse bargains as Oculus joins Valve in a summer VR game sale head to head with some attractive discounts.

Strange to think that, just last summer we didn’t even have consumer grade VR headsets for which to buy software and now, the two main players in distributing games for immersive platforms are going head to head vying for our money with both Steam and Oculus Home starting Summer sales for their titles this week.

Steam’s sales run until July 4th while Oculus’ (including those for Gear VR) last until July 5th.

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By now the topic of software exclusivity and hardware lock-ins have been widely discussed of course, with Oculus’ strategy to bring new content just to its store, to work just on its VR hardware, seen as controversial by some. However, the very fact we now have two major sources of solid VR content means competition, and that is rarely a bad thing for consumers.

We’ve compiled the entire list of discounted VR games for you (note that only Vive games marked as supporting room-scale and the HTC Vive are listed here from SteamVR, though you can see the full list here {including those that support the Rift and non-room-scale}).

Oculus Home Summer Sales (Rift)

Game Discounted Price
Chronos $39.99
Elite Dangerous $39.99
Project Cars $39.99
AirMech: Command $29.99
Kittypocalypse $22.49
Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition $19.99
Radial-G: Racing Revolved $19.99
Time Machine VR $19.99
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter $19.99
Final Approach: Pilot Edition $18.74
Windlands $15.99
Technolust $14.99
ADR1FT $13.99
Fated: The Silent Oath $13.99
Smashing the Battle $13.99
iOmoon $13.49
Please, Don’t Touch Anything $11.99
Subnautica $11.99
Black Hat Cooperative $9.99
VR Karts $9.99
Dead Secret $9.89
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes $9.89
Apollo 11 VR $9.74
Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle $9.74
Albino Lullaby $8.49
Omega Agent $7.49
Darknet $6.99
Dreadhalls $6.99
Esper 2 $6.99
Titans of Space 2.0 $6.79
Hitman GO: VR Edition $5.99
BlazeRush $4.99
Crystal Rift $4.99
Kismet $4.99
Vektron Revenge $4.99
Into the Dead $4.49
Audio Arena $3.99
Bazaar $3.49
The Grand Canyon VR Experience $2.49
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Oculus Home Summer Sales (Gear VR)

Game Discounted Price
Tactera $7.99
Darknet $6.99
Dead Secret $6.69
Drift $6.69
End Space $5.99
Anshar Wars 2 $4.99
Herobound: Spirit Champion $4.99
Hitman GO: VR Edition $4.99
Into the Dead $4.49
Dreadhalls $3.49
Archer E. Bowman $2.99
Land’s End $1.99
Twisted Realms $1.99
Bandit Six $0.99

SteamVR Summer Sales (HTC Vive)

Game Discounted Price
Hover Junkers $24.49
The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed $23.99
Universe Sandbox ² $19.99
A Chair in a Room : Greenwater $19.99
Final Approach $17.49
Pool Nation VR $16.99
Kodon $16.99
The Solus Project $15.99
Vanishing Realms $15.99
SculptrVR $15.99
Audioshield $14.99
Modbox $14.99
Quar: Battle for Gate 18 $14.99
V ARRR $14.99
Armed Against the Undead $14.99
A Legend of Luca $14.99
The Brookhaven Experiment $14.99
Battle Dome $13.49
Cosmic Trip $13.49
Left-Hand Path $13.49
Zombie Training Simulator $13.39
Space Pirate Trainer $12.74
Carpe Lucem – Seize The Light VR $12.74
Periodonica $12.49
HordeZ $11.99
Astroderps $11.99
Chamber 19 $11.99
World of Diving $11.99
Orc Assault $11.99
ZenBlade $10.49
Tabletop Simulator $9.99
Cloudlands : VR Minigolf $9.99
Chunks $9.99
Minigolf VR $9.99
#SelfieTennis $9.99
Cyberpong VR $9.89
Dolphin Defense $9.89
Paintey $9.74
Pierhead Arcade $8.99
Hoops VR $8.49
Water Bears VR $7.99
Babel: Tower to the Gods $7.49
Proton Pulse $7.49
vrAMP $7.14
VR Baseball $6.73
HoloBall $6.49
5089: The Action RPG $6.39
Felt Tip Circus $6.39
Hyper Bowling VR $5.84
Light Repair Team #4 $5.35
Catlateral Damage $4.99
Jeeboman $4.99
Nighttime Terror VR: Dessert Defender $4.99
Crystal Rift $4.99
Garage Drummer VR $4.79
VROOM: Aerie $4.49
Pong Waves VR $4.24
Octoshield VR $4.24
Minigame Party VR $4.24
Euclidean $3.99
Spells ‘n’ Stuff $3.99
PlanetFate $3.95
Diorama No.3 : The Marchland $3.49
L U N E $2.69
A-10 VR $2.49
The Grand Canyon VR Experience $2.49
Lost Route $2.49
Holodaze $1.49
Heaven Island Life $0.49
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    Holy Shit! Look at all those VR games! Man, kudos to Oculus & Steam for making VR a REAL thing.

  • James Friedman

    Still not great pricing in my opinion, but I better choose wisely. I am thinking of purchasing Technolust and Windlands for the Rift.

    • glyphery

      Agreed. I was hoping for considerably steeper discounts to bring more of the current catalogue of VR games within reach. For now I can spare the dosh for maybe six to ten “quite affordable” games/experiences (in the $5 and under range), plus either one “rather expensive” game (e.g. Hover Junkers or The Gallery) or two “mid-price games” (e.g. The Solus Project or Vanishing Realms).

      I’m trying to decide what I can live without until the next major Steam sale date… at which point hopefully more VR titles will have been out long enough that their authors will be willing to make them more affordable. Without significantly lower prices, I’ll have to stick with the demos for now on the majority, alas.

      • Nads

        Dont just go for one of them, get them all, trust me all the games you mention are incredible and worth much more then they are charging! You will enjoy these games no doubt, however the ones you mention are only a small amount of the awesome games on steam, theres many many more and im so glad i bought them and have played them. One that comes to mind straight away is The Chair in the room (or some crappy name like that). Buy that one no matter what, its hands down the most immersive game in vr for vive!

    • neverthehero

      Not great pricing? In comparison to what? Are you saying that with no game on Steam VR is over 25 dollars isn’t good pricing? I mean if you are saying they aren’t worth that because of length or quality of games, that’s one thing.. But to say the price is to high outside of that, gtfo. Developers need to eat to, not to mention, they don’t have a huge base to sell to yet.

      • James Friedman

        I get it, we are the ginny pigs of VR. I still think no VR game should be over $30. I was more referring to the Oculus store when I made the comment.

        • Konchu

          Late I know so sorry for that… but I feel value plays a point in pricing. Chronos being 10 hrs-ish long falls in line with regular games that are AAA titles and I could see replayablity too. I have not played Chronos much to see if worth the price but so far I think it does fall in line with the norm for non VR titles. I like sales and getting games cheap but I do think it is important for VR to get 60 dollar games. As those are the new polished AAA titles(normally … I’m looking at You Battlefield 4, SimCity… oh and You Assassins Creed Unity). That said the current state a lot of 20 dollar games feel they are being a little over zealous on price. I get it though there are not near the sales so some Devs want to make up in cost but they need to be aware Cost deters sales so its finding the sweet spot on cost.

    • yag

      Windlands is great but I would wait for the Touch version.

  • Raphael

    Can buy project cars for $15.

    • Pistol Pete

      Yup. Looks like Steam is beating Oculus prices.

      • ShiftyInc

        Nope, oculus is selling the GOTY edition. Thats the same price on Steam.

    • e92m3

      It’s pretty crap, especially in VR. It just doesn’t have clean or efficient enough rendering and also a very buggy and somewhat antagonistic ‘simulator’.

      AC currently provides a MUCH better experience. Clean rendering and efficient enough to allow super-sampling, greatly improving the image quality on vive.

      • Raphael

        To start with Assetto does NOT have Vive support. The super-sampling is easy to do because you have to turn the Post Processing off due to the LibreVR bug. If PP is enabled then corsa looks low-res and blocky and the colors are washed-out. Disable PP and the AA and then mod the ini to enable super-sampling. If I turn off all the FX in pcars I get the same.

  • Badelhas

    What’s the average percentage saving on these games? There’s no indication of the “normal” price…

  • John

    Human, We Have A Problem is coming soon too!

  • Ian Shook

    I wish there were more demos available for games. Tried the demo for American VR trucker or whatever it’s called and it was 2D only. Fail.

  • Peter Hansen

    Elite Dangerous is much cheaper with the Steam summer sale (17 €). And it can be played with Vive and Rift.

    • Nads

      Im still double minded about this game, really feel that i want it after playing eve valkrie which i thought was enjoyable but got old very fast as no real single player missions mode. For elite dangerous I feel that i will get bored after first attempt i play and then never play again ☹️