Steam VR and Valve’s accompanying VR hardware, the HTC Vive, is on its way and with release windows already confirmed, the question is what content will be available for early adopters of the virtual reality platform? These images, found in a live directory on Steam VR’s mini-site, may give us some clues.

Some enterprising fellow over at the Steam VR subreddit has managed to unearth some interesting assets from the official Steam VR website. These images are not publicly used, but seem to provide an indicator as to what software owners of an HTC Vive can expect to be playing on their new VR hardware.

The images are merely titles and developers, but some appear to confirm not only the names of software we know is being worked, and that Valve have already demo’d, but previously unannounced titles for the platform.

Among titles such as Skyworld by Vertigo Games, The Blu by Wemo Labs and The Gallery  by Cloudhead Games – all of which have been demo’d previously by Valve – we also have new titles such as Company Heroes 2 from Relic, Quar VR from Steel Wool Games and Game of Thrones from HBO. Intriguingly, Alien: Isolation – which had its VR support for the Oculus Rift pulled on launch makes an appearance and we see two new titles from Valve, Longbow and Secret Shop – speculation on the latter title may point to a DOTA2 related title.

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Below, a gallery of the images, and a list of the titles and the developers referenced in the images:

    • Robot Repair Human Diversity Outreach Program
      by Valve
    • Game of Thrones
      by HBO
    • Google Earth
      by Google
    • Company Heroes 2
      by Relic
    • Secret Shop
      by Valve
    • Job Simulator: The 2050 Archive
      by Owlchemy
    • Quar VR
      by Steel Wool Games
    • Alien: Isolation
      by Creative Assembly
    • Step into Remarkable
      by HTC
    • Longbow
      by Valve
    • The Blu: Encounter
      by Wemo Labs
    • Surgeon Simulator: Alien Invasion Super VR 64
      by Bossa Studios
    • Skyworld
      by Vertigo Games
    • Tilt Brush
      by Skillman & Hackett
    • The Room Archives
      by Fireproof Games
    • The Gallery
      by Cloudhead Games

We must be clear however, these images don’t accompany any official information from Valve or any other company listed above. However, it wouldn’t be the first time Steam accidentally revealed forthcoming announcements via similar methods. Previously, the silhouette of what we now know to be the HTC Vive appeared for download just prior to its announcement at the Mobile World Congress in March.

We’ll keep you posted on any verification of the leak as and when we can.

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  • wheeler

    If Alien: Isolation is actually in the line up, I hope Valve gets the developers to revamp the VR mode from the ground up. While much more frightening, the support was very poor and thus nauseating. We don’t need poorly designed launch titles giving VR newcomers bad first impressions.

  • eyeandeye

    A Valve game code named Longbow…hmm.
    Quiver was the code name for Half-Life 1.
    Quiver is to Half-Life 1 as Longbow is to Half-Life 3.