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The already highly successful STEM Kickstarter just keeps getting better. A new update from the team at Sixense brings prices down, adds a new stretch goal at $700,000 for iOS/Android, and introduces a new $149 reward level.

Reduced Pricing on Five-Tracker Bundle

For those who are considering, or have already backed the $349 five-track bundle, listen up: Sixense has removed the limit from the $299 early-bird version of the tier. That means that anyone who backed the $349 level can reduce their pledge to $299 to save $50. The $299 early-bird tier was originally limited to 500 backers — it’s now already over 1000 backers. Now that the limit has been removed, anyone can take advantage of the savings.

iOS/Android Stretch Goal

On the verge of passing their first $550,000 stretch goal, which will make the STEM base wireless, Sixense has announced a new stretch goal. At $700,000, Sixense will bring full support for iOS and Android to the STEM SDK. This will enable developers to make applications which will nativel work with STEM on mobile devices.

Sixense’s Danny Woodall demonstrates a sample usage scenario with STEM on a mobile device:

New One-tracker Reward Tier

To compliment the iOS/Android STEM stretch goal, Sixense has announce a new one-tracker reward tier for $149. This tier comes with a STEM system base station, one STEM tracker, and one STEM pack (battery). It doesn’t come with any controllers. As with all the STEM base stations, you can always add more trackers/controllers as you go.

Sixense STEM Kickstarter, Update #6

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  • snake0

    Damn, I’m not sure if theres any trickery going on in that video but it sure looks like they solved the drift problems Oculus have talked so much about.. perhaps its just due to better/more sensors?

    Anyway I hope they reach their goal. More development in this direction in the mobile space is a good thing, especially since it will be the main VR platform at some point in the future.