brad-hermanBrad Herman & Shiraz Akmal recently left DreamWorks Animation to raise $3 million to start SPACES Inc., which is a virtual reality and mixed reality company focusing on storytelling for different brands including Microsoft, NBCUniversal, and The Hettema Group. Brad founded the DreamLab at DreamWorks in order to focus on developing content for mobile and cutting edge immersive technologies like VR, and so he’s been intimately involved with exploring storytelling in VR for the past couple of years. I had a chance to catch up with him at SVVR 2016, where he shared his thoughts about storytelling in VR and mixed reality, how to deal with non-compliant users, how he thinks that VR differs from film & broadway, and one of their first mixed reality projects of Big Blue Bubble’s My Singing Monsters.


Here’s a HoloLens demo of My Singing Monsters:

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  • DExUS

    Am I the only one that thinks this video is nonsensical ?

    • Trent88

      Which video? The one that shows what augmented reality can look like? It may not be exactly a big-budget affair like the Windows VR craziness last week, but I found it oddly more impressive than that, because it shows what a viewer would actually SEE, not what a CG artist can put together with a Microsoft-sized budget.

  • Pete

    Man that podcast was so good!! Gave me goosebumps! Also made me become a monthly Patron. Thanks Kent!

  • Trent88

    Well done.

  • Andrew Holdun

    Is there a transcript with this podcast?