Independent developer MunkyFun is bringing League of War: VR Arena exclusively to Sony’s PSVR platform this Fall. Detailed in an entry on the official PlayStation Blog, the studio’s first VR game is described as being similar to ‘holographic chess’ but with plenty of tanks and explosions, based on the developer’s League of War franchise for mobile.

While no gameplay footage seems to be available yet, the press release suggests that it follows a similar approach to the studio’s existing mobile game League of War: Mercenaries—a ‘tug-of-war’-style strategy game—with an increased emphasis on action and more direct influence over units thanks to the VR perspective and use of motion controls. No trailer for PSVR has surfaced, but MunkyFun did create a teaser for the game in March, showing two players using Oculus Rift headsets; this was clearly an early concept before it became a Sony exclusive. Based on the limited screenshots available, the final version seems to have stepped up its presentation quality considerably, as we’ve come to expect from PSVR titles.

‘Image courtesy MunkyFun

Described as “simple to play, difficult to master,” players will use Move controllers to “directly place and aim their units at the opponent,” overseeing the virtual battlefield from a tabletop perspective. The game will feature a single player campaign, and an ‘arcade’ mode that supports local multiplayer via the PSVR’s Social Screen.

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League of War: VR Arena is designed to be a powerful experience that puts players in charge of a high tech, aggressive army on a living, tabletop-style battlefield,” said Nick Pavis, CEO and Co-Founder of MunkyFun, Inc. “As you throw your units into battle, strategically choosing between quick strikes and slower but more powerful units, your opponent does the same, creating a pulse-pounding mix of strategy and action that is highly engaging on PlayStation VR.”

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