STRIVR Labs, a company focused on using VR for sports training, plans to use a new $5 million investment to expand the scope of its “experiential learning” platform.

According to a press release from the company, Strivr’s $5 million Series A investment was led by Signia Venture Partners with participation from BMW i Ventures, and AdvancIt Capital.

Strivr was co-founded by former Stanford Cardinal kicker Derek Belch and Jeremy Bailenson, the founding director of Stanford’s Virtual Human interaction Lab. The company now counts 25 professional and collegiate teams among clientele making use of its VR sports training technology. The platform has been used by players to review more than 50,000 different plays and scenarios for thousands of collective hours, according to Strivr.

STRIVR Introduces VR Training On and Off the Field

Now the company plans to focus on the broader category of “experiential learning,” which includes enterprise training for areas like sales, operations, customer service, safety,
and HR.

“STRIVR’s success to date has come from being able to improve reaction time, pattern recognition, and decision making in athletes—the same outcomes sought by organizations of all types and sizes. STRIVR is already off and running with its platform expansion, as the company is already working with a handful of Fortune 500 companies on comprehensive training programs utilizing VR,” the company writes in its announcement.

Strivr’s refreshed website also shows the company focusing on more general branded VR content, with a bent toward measuring engagement data and analytics insights.

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    Oh boy can’t wait to play Tech Support Phone Call Online! Freaking really? $5M so you can practice WORKING?

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      The virtual cheerleaders probably did do the trick to the investors lol.

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  • Sponge Bob

    “Bailenson studies the psychology of Virtual Reality (VR), in particular how virtual experiences lead to changes in perceptions of self and others. His lab builds and studies systems that allow people to meet in virtual space, and explores the changes in the nature of social interaction. His most recent research focuses on how VR can transform education, environmental conservation, empathy, and health.”

    yeah, right, we need more of those “researchers”

    and the other “founder” is just an ass kicker

    what a lovely founding team

    But, they are hiring us, lowly technical people, to actually build things for them so they can cash out