SUPERHOT’s time-pausing mechanic works so well in VR, it’s a surprise we haven’t seen more games use it to bring new and interesting stuff to life. Now, Omega Pilot developer XOCUS says it’s doing just that with the release of Presentiment of Death, a story-driven VR adventure that feels like a mashup of SUPERHOT VR and archery game In Death.

Like SUPERHOT, Presentiment of Death’s time dilation system means the enemy robots move when you move. The kicker: you have to draw your bow, which means you’ll have to really be your toes as the enemy arrows come flying in when you want to return fire.

We won’t have to wait long to play either, as XOCUS says it’s releasing the game on SteamVR headsets on March 1st, with the promise that it will eventually arrive on “all VR platform.” When, XOCUS hasn’t said. In the meantime, you can wishlist the game on Steam here.

Although it basically looks like SUPERHOT with archery, the trailer shows off more than just the same frangible enemies, as there seems to be a few different enemy types, including a larger tank enemy and and several flying types too, which ought to ratchet up the difficulty.

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It’s a shame the Superhot team never got around to making its SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE DLC VR compatible, or pushing any additional levels to the VR game, released in 2017 and still sitting at the top of most VR platform charts. Still, we’re hoping Presentiment of Death can scratch that itch, if only for old time’s sake.

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  • Is that pronounced “Pre-Sentiment” or “Present-i-ment”?

    Weird title but the game looks fun!

    • Charles

      Came here just to comment on that. They should add a hyphen. Took me like 5 seconds to figure out what that word was supposed to mean and how to say it.

  • squirrel

    The Superhot developers definetly dropped the ball.
    They have an amazing game, that is perfect for vr. It should be super easy to make some new levels for and sell them as a sequel or dlc, especially consixering how simplistic it is. But they seemed to show no interest.
    I usually dont like knock offs, but in this case i’m happy to see someone else pick up the ball.

    • david vincent

      And yet Superhot VR sold like hot bread (millions of copies, more than the original game !). Sure the dev made a sequel…but only for flatscreeners… It’s incomprehensible.

      • Jonathan Winters III

        Indeed – very odd they’ve abandoned the platform. More power to those who run with the ball going forward.

      • Ookami

        After playing Superhot VR, flatscreen Superhot just looks… wrong. That game belongs in VR.

    • ViRGiN

      they made a bank on VR version of the game.
      but you know what, they made 10 banks on flat version of the game.
      no reason to bend your back to collect pennies and make second game that will never live up to expectations when you can do flat version and gain infinietly more, while the old abandoned VR version still earns money to this day. reality of VR.

      • Jerome Dubourg

        For ONCE, we know from the dev themselves that you’re wrong.
        “SUPERHOT VR, with over 800,000 sales across platforms, has generated more revenue than the original SUPERHOT”
        — Callum Underwood (@DevRelCallum) April 15, 2019

        They also stated that while the flat version sold fast but then dropped, the VR version kept selling steadily, so there’s a good chance the VR version as outsold the flat version even more since then. This was before the quest 2 releases wich then outsold all other versions.

        • Ookami

          More proof that ViRGiN just pulls “facts” out of his nether regions.

        • ViRGiN

          Cool story bro. Bet you must feel proud of yourself now.
          Yeah, FOR ONCE I was wrong. And I can admit it. And PCVR Is still more dead than ever, but yeah, praydog/universal unreal mod is just around the corner and it will change vr landscape.

    • Baldrickk

      The worst thing is that the SH devs removed content from the game…

      Not much, admittedly. But it doesn’t sit well.

  • This look like SUPERHOT with extra steps

  • Yeah, I really would like to see more of Superhot, plus some tweaking to the throwing mechanics so it’s more intuitive in terms of getting things to go exactly where you want properly without any faffing around.

  • ApocalypseShadow

    Might as well add it to the PS VR 2 lineup.

    • Tommy

      I think that’s a given :)

  • Tommy

    Looks a lot more like Aeon than it does Superhot, and that’s great news because Aeon was WAY better than Superhot.

  • Ookami

    Surprised to see this featured here. I saw the dev post about it on R/SteamVR, somehow made me think it was a smaller project that wouldn’t catch much attention.