From Flight School Studio, the creators of Manifest 99 (2017), comes a new survival game that maroons you on a small deserted island, leaving you with only your wits and crafting skills at your disposal. Called Island Time VRthe game is slated to release this spring on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

You’ve been shipwrecked on a coffee table-sized island. With only Carl the Crab at your side, your sole task is to survive as long as possible while crafting tools and fending off dangerous animals such as sharks and seagulls. Of course, when you’re not staring at your watch waiting for your hunger meter to reach critical levels, you can always enjoy a beautiful tropical sunset.

Flight School Studio says Island Time VR features an event system that determines when and what amounts of resources are made available to players, something that was no doubt designed to always keeps you on toes.

“The game’s difficulty curve and secrets are designed to be discovered over multiple playthroughs,” said Adam Volker, Creative Director at Flight School Studio. “The player might craft a new item or find new foodstuffs they haven’t seen before. This trial and error is what teaches players to survive as long as they can.”

If you’re looking to try out Island Time VR, you’ll find public demos at this year’s SXSW in booth 2266.

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  • oompah

    VR stuff is so plasticky
    should be ray traced realistic
    where u can feel really die
    (not really)

    • Alice

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    • impurekind

      I’ve noticed that the more “realistic” stuff tends to actually look kinda crap in VR. Most of the more flat-shaded and simple geometric stuff tends to look great, however.

      • basereality

        Fully agree, once we start hitting some better resolutions on headsets I think high realism will really come into its own in VR. Right now simple and colorful seems to play best on current gen VR headsets.

  • impurekind

    Sounds like it could be cool.

  • Paris Granville

    The problem is that the meshes are so low-res in gaming. They don’t look good close up or slowed down.

  • Myscoop

    I think we have to put in rememberence that this VR developments are still 1st generation. When (lets hope soon) the second comes around the corner we might have the merely upper graphics be in for grasp as well. The resolutions for today first gen HMD’s are not up to parr for ‘realistic’ images. The works be done though is in full progress for near future hardware and software. It’s going to be all good.