Survival-Horror Game ‘SYREN’ Coming to PSVR November 6th, New Trailer Here


HammerheadVR, the studio behind SYREN (2017), today announced the single-player VR survival-horror game is coming to PSVR soon.

First released on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in February 2017, SYREN is now slated to release on PSVR November 6th.

If you haven’t heard of SYREN, here’s the quick and dirty. You’re marooned in an underwater research facility that’s teeming with gruesome and deadly creatures called Syrens. Using stealth, you slink through the hallways, hide in lockers, and try to bypass the deadly monsters as you make your way to the surface, all the while learning about the Syren’s creator, a mad scientist who’s obsessed with eugenics.

Image captured by Road to VR

The PSVR release also includes Episode 2, a free-roaming shooter set after the game’s initial campaign. Unlike the stealth-focused Episode 1, you take on the role of CIA Agent Manning as you shoot your way towards a strange anomaly.

Image courtesy HammerheadVR

“After coming to both Oculus and Vive, we are really excited to be bringing SYREN to PSVR,” said Yush Kalia of Hammerhead. “Since launching in early 2017, we’ve refined and expanded on our original ideas to give the player a thrilling, tense and occasionally puzzling experience. We’re looking forward to PSVR owners having the chance to see what lies beneath the surface in SYREN.”

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We gave SYREN a solid [7.5/10] in our review when it launched on Vive and Oculus last year. While the game featured a few technical flaws at launch, which have largely since been addressed, it did a great job of recreating some of the heart-pumping fun in Alien: Isolation (2014), albeit tailored from the ground-up for VR. Ultimately SYREN proved to be terrifying and an exciting addition to the genre.

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