PHILIP ROSEDALE, Co-founder, High Fidelity
PHILIP ROSEDALE, Co-founder, High Fidelity

Philip Rosedale, the man behind Second Life and the CEO of new startup High Fidelity. Philip has been at the forefront of the creation of virtual, connected worlds that allow people to communicate and interact with each other without ever meeting. Today he’ll share his vision of how virtual reality will shape the future of entertainment.

Brian Hart will be live streaming the event (video should appear below) which kicks off at 2pm PDT. 

UPDATE: Apologies to all, but we had to end the broadcast due to technical difficulties. We’ll let you know when the recordings are available online, should be some time next week.

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  • snake0

    Interesting talk but wasn’t High Fidelity supposed to have been working on cloud based ray traced graphics? The demo he showed was the same graphics as Second Life.