SVVR, one the leading VR community groups in the Bay Area, is hosting its 6th annual VR Mixer event during GDC next week. The event is a gathering of the VR and AR community featuring the ‘demo dungeon’, and entire floor dedicated to showing off independent XR projects.

On Wednesday, March 20th, the 2019 VR Mixer will be hosted at the Temple night club in San Francisco, two blocks from GDC. There the vibrant VR/AR/XR community will gather at the futuristic 20,000 sqft venue to enjoy two floors of VR/AR/XR demos, games, experiences, and hardware from partners and indie developers.

Tickets to attend are available at the VR Mixer website. Those looking to demo or sponsor during the event can reach vrmixer[at] for details.

Image courtesy SVVR

In addition to the demo dungeon, SVVR will be showing off its ‘Reality Portal’. The main floor of the event will be connected to the High Fidelity social VR app via SVVR’s virtual-to-real-world telepresence window, allowing people to virtually interact with attendees of the event by visiting the SVVR space inside High Fidelity (direct link:

Road to VR is a proud media partner of the 2019 VR Mixer.

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