In their latest Kickstarter update, Tactical Haptics has responded to backer’s requests to go wireless with it’s Reactive Grip motion sensing peripheral. And a new video update highlights the range of creative uses for the device.

Get a Grip, Go Wireless

At just over 2 weeks in, the Reactive Grip Kickstarter, a unique feedback device designed to work with motion-sensing technology such as the Sixense STEM system, has clocked just over $80k. Concerns have been raised however that the developer units offered as rewards in the campaign are wired, somewhat at odds with the wireless nature of the motion technology it relies on to work.

But Tactical Haptics have listened and responded with an ingenious solution. They’ve added a $245k stretch goal which, should it be reached, unlocks the development of a wireless breakout box that the wearer can wear to power and link the unit to the user’s computer. It’s a bold technical shift to make mid-campaign but clearly TH feel it’s important to show this can be done.


Get Creative

The Reactive Grip allows the user to experience a form of tactical feedback not witnessed in a consumer device before, as such it opens up new possibilities for consumer-level input devices. To highlight the broad range of possible applications, Tactical Haptics have released a video which includes the Reactive Grip putting a new spin on familiar input devices. The video is an excellent showcase of what can be done with a little imagination and remind us why we’d really love to see this campaign succeed.

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Realistic suggestive feedback with a machine gun, feel the roll of a steering wheel in your hands and the recoil of a shotgun. They even demonstrate ideas for combining the devices with tablets or smartphones, for tactile gaming on the go, an intriguing if a somewhat fanciful proposal.

The video highlights the passion behind the project and how strongly the guys at Tactical Haptics are working to realise their vision of the future of haptics and tactile force feedback in gaming. We can’t help feel that Reactive Grip is an important part of the VR puzzle of how best to immerse yourself in a virtual world. We wish them the best of luck with the remainder of their campaign.

Reactive Grip Kickstarter

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