VAIL VR, the multiplayer shooter for PC VR headsets, is now available on Quest via App Lab.

First released on Steam Early Access by indie studio AEXLAB, the 5v5 team shooter is now serving up cross-play support on Quest and PC VR headsets.

With the release of the Quest version, the game hopes to make a much-awaited resurgence; concurrent user numbers have faltered since it went live on Steam in November 2022, as the CS-style shooter never seemed to garner the sort of cult status among fans as Pavlov or Contractors.

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Even on Quest, which boasts more regular users than PC VR, for any multiplayer game it’s an upward battle to attract a strong concurrent userbase. Priced at $20 on App Lab, that puts it at par with its direct competitors which already have significant footholds on the platform.

Whatever the case, we’re eager to see how Vail progresses and how it continues to differentiate itself across one of the toughest categories in VR.

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  • ViRGiN

    Bullshit game from scam developers, a complete flop of a game after raising tens of millions of dollars from investors. Gave away thousands of keys. Nobody wants to play this. It’s a dead, unpolished game. They hated Quest and claimed the game is too high quality to ever run on mobile.
    Avoid at any cost. They tried to sell it for $2 on steam and it only bought them more negative reviews.

    Plus they sponsored roadtovr in the past i think, and they never wrote a single article about this scam.

    • Tanix Tx3

      Thanks for the warning, but competitive shooter in vr are not my case anyway.

    • Dan

      There may not be millions of others reasons why the game had low user base on computers?
      Arguing they said “the game is too high quality to ever run on mobile.”
      doesn’t it means they made a great job to be able porting it?
      If they gave all those keys can’t it be because in that moment that could help to save them job? And if now it had been released on Quest exiting form the PC niche, doesn’t it mean that maybe that measure helped them to finally go more mainstream on the standalone?

    • Nobody

      Why do they have all those great reviews on applab though? Genuine question. I was around when they were just starting out and it did seem like a scam, for the amount they raised. But are the reviews on applab fake as well, or ?

      • ViRGiN

        – devs gave away thousands of keys for free
        – they incentivize leaving reviews
        – people post reviews to share refferal links to earn credits
        – there are people who genuinely like it
        – there are people who are invested in it
        – there are people who feel like vail staff are their friends

        there are millions of reasons, but just look around yourself. Look at their marketing on tiktok.

  • Jonathan Winters III

    No character shadows though – ugh.

  • Amused to death

    NFT: the game lol

    • ViRGiN

      They said they to sell NFTs to get additional funding to continue developing; yet recently said there will be no NFTs in the game lol.
      So those who bought them won’t ever get to use them.

      Their whole marketing is cringe every single time..

  • GoddamnSuperhero

    I know some of the developers who work on the maps at Aexlab, and they are good. But in general I would hard recommend against this game. There are much better other options out there.

    I will give them credit that the LAN event they held last year was exciting, I participated in the qualifiers, and went with some of my friends who did make it. A 35k prize pool drew in players but failed to retain it. The CEO is good at raising funds. They have leaked a rumor there will be another tournament in Saudi Arabia next year which is drawing some competitive players back in. But if you ask the majroity of people who play this game… without the money they would not be playing it.

    Consider Breachers, Contractors, and Pavlov as games that are good games, but the can’t offer anything in terms of “competitive money” like Aexlab.