Oculus has confirmed that Crytek’s The Climb is the platform’s best selling Rift game to date, and among a handful of titles that have grossed more than $1 million on the company’s VR storefront.

When it comes to VR platforms today, data is hard to come by. The steadily growing ecosystem is something that everyone is interested in, and while there’s at least some data to go by when it comes to Steam, Oculus’ store is a bit of a black box, which makes any official figures of interest.

The latest comes from the company’s Head of Content, Jason Rubin, who recently confirmed to Road to VR that The Climb (2016) is the Rift’s best selling title to date.

Based on the ‘Top Selling’ listing on Oculus’ store—which puts The Climb near the top—you may not find that surprising, but the exact metric behind the listing is not known, nor the time period over which it’s calculated.

Rubin however confirmed that The Climb is the Rift’s “#1 seller” of all time, which we take to mean by unit sales (though given the game’s $50 price tag, it’s likely to be the top grossing too). That, of course, means that the game is one of four titles which the company recently confirmed have made at least $1 million on the Oculus store alone.

There’s no guessing exactly how many units The Climb has sold by now, but we can get a back-of-the-envelope lower bound by dividing the price of the game by that $1 million threshold, which brings us to 20,000 units (this calculation of course doesn’t account for occasional sales of the game which lower the per-unit cost to some degree).

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Rubin called the game “the greatest achievement in VR development so far,” because, for how beautiful the game is, “it was made in eight months, which is amazing.” He accounts for the game’s success on the Oculus store as such: “partly for how long it’s been out, partly because it’s great.” He also attributed a chunk of its appeal to being a great demo title for Rift owners to show first-time VR friends and family.

Indeed, The Climb is somewhat unique because it managed to be something of a double-launch title; first with the Rift launch in early 2016—played at the time with the gamepad—and then with the Touch launch in late 2016 when it was updated to be played with motion controllers. It seems to have been good planning on the part of Crytek to build a game that worked well enough with the gamepad but was poised for the moment that motion input would arrive. And when it did, we said the game “feels like an entirely new experience.”

Crytek also developed and released the more ambitious (but less well received) Robinson: The Journey (2016)—which borrowed some of The Climb’s climbing mechanics—but sadly never saw an update to bring it into to motion input era of VR.

For The Climb’s relative success and praise from Rubin (and a solid user rating on the Oculus store to boot), it’s a shame to hear him confirm that Oculus has no further projects presently in the works with Crytek, which Rubin alluded is partly due to the company’s recent financial struggles.

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  • Andrew Dilks

    This is news to me. Bought it on a sale and havent even gotten passed the second climb and didnt touchd since. Guess it just isnt my type of game.

    • Get Schwifty!

      Yeah same here, as a demo tool its very useful, but as a “game” not so much to me.

    • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

      I actually enjoyed it more when seating with gamepad, than standing with Touch. I suggest you give it a try that way.

  • Boomber

    Apparently not good enough to keep Crytek afloat… which sounds like a bad choice to use as “successful” example, to be honest.

    • benz145

      Crytek is a big company (500+ employees), nobody (not even Crytek) expected VR was going to make a dent in the finances of a company that large at the industry’s current scale.

      • Boomber

        Of course, I understand that. I just find it a bit ironic.

  • Raphael

    Suggests octopus users rate graphics above all else.

    • burzum

      No demo to try it, 50€ and only available in the walled garden: Just no. I’m surprised so many people bought it. What about the refund policy? Can I refund stuff at all in the walled garden? If there is no demo I can at least refund it on Steam.

      • Raphael

        There were many complaints about the price of the game at launch so it’s hilarious it’s rated the best selling.

        I have heard people getting refunds on octopus store but i don’t know how often it happens. Valve were forced to bring that feature.

        • Justos

          The game was over half off at many sales, Im sure most people who own it bought it at sale price. It’s a beautiful game and really fun with touch.

          • Raphael

            I guess that would account for it. Sale period.

        • Cylon Surfer

          Almost as funny as the VR section in Steam….

          • Raphael

            Eh? Makes no sense.

    • Roger Anthony Essig

      it’s a damn great game.

  • Sam Illingworth

    If this a full exclusive then, as opposed to timed? I would like to play it (though not at that price, blimey).

    • ShiftyInc

      It is, but if you have a Vive then Revive should do the trick as well for it. It has been on sale a couple of times with 50% off.

  • YmpulsiV

    I was reluctant at first to get this game “The Climb”, but on sale, I took the plunge. No regrets. I’m slowly working my way through the levels… and enjoying the view along the way. No need to complain, VR for me has been long awaited, and now that it’s here I simply try the make the most of it via good game selection. Happy Rift owner.

  • Warscent

    Robinson: The Journey was the only VR game to date that made me physically sick.
    The move mechanics were awkward and the textures horrible.Just an all round ugly game.I cant believe it had so much hype upon release.

  • Veraxus

    I would happily pay for The Climb DLC if Crytek offered it. I LOVED that game and played it to death. It’s a pretty good workout, too. The higher difficulties are spectacular.

    As for Robinson, I bought it but haven’t played it at all in the hopes that we’d get proper Touch support. That is looking less and less likely, as is the likelihood that I’ll ever bother to play it. Motion controls make a massive difference in fighting VR sickness.