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We’re happy to see the Rift on the front of one of the world’s biggest gaming magazines. Congratulations to Oculus VR Inc!

There were some nice insights into Oculus VR’s journey; from Brendan Iribe [CEO Oculus:

When we launched the kickstarter, I got hundreds of emails from these top-tier developers saying “we want to step inside of our game”  … ” and literally these are developers of some of the biggest IPs in the world. They were emailing saying “we want to do this, and we want to be part of this from the beginning”

And a small nugget of info on forthcoming hardware revisions:

Latency and field of view will be improved in forthcoming dev kits, the resolution will be improved in the consumer model and positional tracking may be supported further down the line. Looking even further ahead, Luckey talks about the possibility of a wireless headset and motions controllers. But even now, the Rift delights just about everyone who uses it.


“On the cover is a story we first covered way back in issue 3 – the rise of virtual reality. After twenty years of VR misfires, Oculus VR’s creator Palmer Luckey explains why Rift changes everything and how it opens the door to a world of new design challenges,” writes the Edge blog.

The new Edge is available now in print and on iPad.

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Hat tip to sYko_de4d for pointing this out!

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  • Clavus

    I do hope they target positional tracking for the consumer release, unlike what Luckey seems to be implied here.

    • Clavus

      *seems to imply here.

  • kevin williams

    Seems weird as I was one of those covered in that previous EDGE VR feature some twenty years ago! Still have the picture of use wearing the latest HMD’s!!

    I note that the tone of the consumer release has changed a little from the first KS campaign – wonder why?