‘Virtual Virtual Reality’ Studio to Launch ‘The Under Presents’ on Quest “very soon”, New Trailer Here


From Tender Claws, the studio behind Virtual Virtual Reality (2017), and the New York-based live theater company Pie Hole comes The Under Presents, something its creators call “part game, part theater, part extravaganza.”

The Under Presents doesn’t have an official launch date yet, although the studios say that it should land on Oculus Quest “very soon.”

First debuted at Sundance earlier this year, The Under Presents presents a bit of a mashup between game and live performance piece.

Here’s how Tender Claws describes it:

Where live immersive theater meets VR to bring live actors into your living room. An intriguing experience set between two worlds: a jaunty vaudeville stage and the harrowing survival narrative. Uncover the story of a ship stranded in time as supplies dwindle and day-by-day an otherworldly mist rolls closer. Follow characters’ interlocking fates as all journeys forward must turn back or become lost.

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At its Sundance 2019 unveiling, Oculus said that user enters a vaudeville stage that exists in a “special dimension outside time and space, where you are guided by a mysterious proprietor. The Under operates on a loop with different live and recorded acts coming and going — and the main act ‘The Aickman’ is the story within the story.”

If the trailer tells us anything, we’re in for an interesting time to say the least.

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  • Alex

    “Soon”… kind of tired of seeing this over and over again for Quest games. Just tell us a release date and respect it. Still waiting for Espire 1 “coming soon” last september, and arizona sunshine and The climb and and and

    • Questy

      The climb comes out December 3rd

      • Alex

        If not delayed like so many!
        Sorry for the scepticism, it was built up over the last months ;)

  • Immersive Computing

    Shame it’s exclusive to Quest, but perhaps multi platform in future?

    Loved “Virtual Virtual Reality” first on Daydream (exclusive), then Rift CV1 and finally on Index.

  • JesuSaveSouls

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    • Hivemind9000

      Back on the Jesus juice again I see.

    • Dan Lokemoen

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  • Questy

    It comes out on the 19th of November, using the Oculus app. In the coming soon section.

  • Ugur Ister

    Virtual virtual reality is great, so looking forward to this one =)

  • Dan Lokemoen

    Virtual Virtual Reality was interesting in that you could choose if you wanted ten minutes or hours and hours of dreadful tedium.

  • Jonathan Winters III

    Sad to see the graphics – they obviously didn’t know the tricks used to make other Quest games look much better (Red Stare, The Climb, etc).

    • Seth Robinson

      Check out Virtual Virtual Reality… it’s their style. Very dreamlike. Not everything need be textured. They actually use some pretty cool shaders to get the effect… it’s more sophisticated than it appears.