25 Oculus Quest Games Coming in 2019 & 2020


Oculus Quest’s content library eclipsed 100 games and apps back at the end of August and continues to grow at a solid clip. Here’s 25 titles coming in 2019 and 2020 that we’ve got our eyes on.

Cas & Chary Present

Cas and Chary VR is a YouTube channel hosted by Netherland-based duo Casandra Vuong and Chary Keijzer who have been documenting their VR journeys since 2016. In partnership with the channel, Road to VR shares a curated selection of their content.


Image courtesy Caveman Studio
  • Developer: Caveman Studio
  • Release date: Winter 2019
  • Timestamp video: 00:23

Contractors is a team-based competitive shooter with a single-player mode and an online multiplayer mode. It has realistic controls, customizable load-outs, and missions that will require collaboration. An alpha test build has been released with gameplay footage, which you can see in the video.


Image courtesy Downpour Interactive
  • Developer: Downpour Interactive
  • Release date: To be determined
  • Timestamp video: 01:00

Onward is a tactical and competitive first-person shooter. In Onward coordination, communication, and marksmanship skill is very important since there are limited respawns, no HUDs, and no crosshairs. It is currently in development for Oculus Quest.

Solaris: Offworld Combat VR

Image courtesy First Contact Entertainment
  • Developer: First Contact Entertainment
  • Release date: 2020
  • Timestamp video: 01:36

Solaris: Offworld Combat is a first-person shooter from the same developers of Firewall Zero Hour. We don’t know much about Solaris yet, but judging from the trailer, it looks like a multiplayer sci-fi shooter game with fast-paced action.

Pavlov “Lite” (Working title)

Image courtesy Davevillz
  • Developer: Vankrupt Games
  • Release date: December 19, 2019
  • Timestamp video: 02:08

The developer has confirmed that a lite version of Pavlov is coming on the Oculus Quest on December 19th and it will be free-to-play. There is no information on gameplay yet.

Population: One

Image courtesy BigBox VR
  • Developer: BigBox VR
  • Release date: 2019
  • Timestamp video: 02:33

Population: One is a battle royale multiplayer game, kind of like the light version of Fortnite. You drop with a parachute in the middle of a map, and there you will have to hunt for weapons and resources to become the last man standing. You will have the freedom to climb whatever you want, soar off buildings, and build structures to protect yourself.

The Wizards – Dark Times

Image courtesy Carbon Studio
  • Developer: Carbon Studio
  • Release date: 2020
  • Timestamp video: 03:13

The Wizards – Dark Times is a magical combat adventure game. In this game, you have to use hand and arm gestures to cast spells, like fireballs, wind attacks, shields, and ice bows. Attacks can be combined too; for example, use ice to freeze an enemy, then use a fireball to melt the ice into water, then if you use lightning, it’ll do greater damage. While following the story, the player will travel to different environments where they will have to defeat fantasy monsters.

Last Labyrinth

Image courtesy AMATA K.K.
  • Developer: AMATA K.K.
  • Release date: November 13, 2019
  • Timestamp video: 03:58

Last Labyrinth is a Japanese escape-the-room, adventure puzzle game. You’re tied to a wheelchair, and sitting there, you solve puzzles to escape a mansion that is full of hidden dangers. You do this with the help of a mysterious girl that appears before you. It’s not a horror title, but the atmosphere can be dark.

The Under Presents

Image courtesy Tender Claws
  • Developer: Tender Claws
  • Release date: 2019
  • Timestamp video: 04:31

The Under Presents is a unique collaborative live theater experience. A social experience where you will be placed aboard a magical time-traveling ship. Here, you interact with real actors on-stage live.

Groundhog Day Like Father Like Son

Image courtesy Sony, MWM Immersive, Tequila Works
  • Developer: Tequila Works
  • Release date: To be determined
  • Timestamp video: 05:13

Groundhog Day is a movie about a guy stuck in a time loop that repeats the same day over and over. Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son is like a sequel to this movie but in the form of a narrative-driven adventure game. You will play as the son of the movie’s protagonist who gets stuck in a time loop as well. To get out, you have to explore and solve puzzles.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Image courtesy Cortopia Studio
  • Developer: Cortopia
  • Release date: December 2019
  • Timestamp video: 06:04

Down The Rabbit Hole is a third-person puzzle adventure game set in the Alice in Wonderland universe. As the player, you are inside a big rabbit hole where Alice and one of the armored cards have fallen in. Using your motion controls, you can move the characters using the joystick or by drawing a path by actually moving your hand. As you explore the rabbit hole, more panels appear where you solve puzzles. This part is in 3rd person; however, when you solve puzzles or talk to one of the iconic characters, you’ll be teleported into a first-person mode. I think this mechanic uses the power of Virtual Reality well.

The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets

Image courtesy Fast Travel Games
  • Developer: Fast Travel Games
  • Release date: November 14, 2019
  • Timestamp video: 06:50

In this casual game, you have to help your grandfather solve the mystery of the stolen pets. As the player, you can explore the various tiny planets in front of you that’s full of interactive elements that can trigger clues or reveal the hidden pets. The puzzles are light because the developers aim for a peaceful game that allows you to take your time and enjoy the environment.

Pixel Ripped 1995

Image courtesy ARVORE
  • Developer: ARVORE
  • Release date: To be determined
  • Timestamp video: 07:30

Pixel Ripped 1995 continues the story of the first game: Pixel Ripped 1989, where you have to fight an evil goblin called Cyblin Lord. Just like the previous game, you will be transported between 2D and 3D worlds, like you are traveling between dimensions. This sequel promises more polishment and content.

Pistol Whip

Image courtesy Cloudhead Games
  • Developer: Cloudhead Games
  • Release date: November 7, 2019
  • Timestamp video: 08:32

Pistol Whip is a rhythm game that is sort of the offspring of Beat Saber and Superhot. With a gun in hand, you shoot SuperHot-like enemies on the beat of the music. This game will make you feel awesome; people who tried a demo even describe it as feeling like John Wick.


Image courtesy Harmonix
  • Developer: Harmonix
  • Release date: 2019
  • Timestamp video: 09:30

Audica is a rhythm shooter game by the same developers as Dance Central and Rock Band. In Audica, you are equipped with two guns! And using them, you shoot and smash targets on the beat of the music. The better you time your accuracy, the more points you get.

Boneworks Universe Game

Image courtesy Node / Stress Level Zero

A game based on the Boneworks universe is coming to the Oculus Quest. Not much info has been given on the gameplay, but Boneworks is a game a lot of people are hyped for. This is because the game promises intricate physics-based combat and interaction — a high level of polishment that you don’t often see in VR games yet.

Death Lap

Image courtesy Ozwe Games, Oculus
  • Developer: OZWE Games
  • Release date: To be determined
  • Timestamp video: 10:38

Death Lap is a frenetic combat racing game. It has Mario Kart elements with pickup bonuses that you can pick up on the race track; you can take out opponents by shooting them with a weapon or a special power. The art style has something from Borderlands. If you know that game, then you can imagine that the races are fast-paced and intense. The vehicles are creative designs, imagine things like a monster-trucks with giant moving claws in the front. There will be multiple vehicles to choose from; each features a variety of strengths, weaponry, and abilities.


Image courtesy Survios
  • Developer: Survios
  • Release date: 2019
  • Timestamp video: 11:17

Want to become master of the seas? BattleWake allows you to combat for it on the ocean in your own ship. You can play as one of the four mythical pirate lords, who each have their power and ultimate. This can be unleashing a massive storm or unleashing the Kraken to give you a hand. They all have multiple ships to choose from, each with their strengths. As the player, you are at the wheel, steering the ship. You also control where you attack by waving the guns in that direction using your controllers.

Arizona Sunshine

  • Developer: Vertigo Games
  • Release date: 2019
  • Timestamp video: 12:03

Arizona Sunshine is a narrative-driven, zombie shooter set in a post-apocalyptic southwestern America. It isn’t supposed to be scary, but there are pretty intense dark moments in there. You can play the story mode entirely in co-op, and after that, you can play an endless Horde mode for up to four players. What we loved about the game is its story, you just wanted to keep going! I also like that it’s a slower-paced zombie shooter with some downtime in between the waves allowing you to prepare and soak in the environment.

Doctor Who – The Edge of Time

Image courtesy Maze Theory, PlayStack
  • Developer: Maze Theory
  • Release date: November 12, 2019
  • Timestamp video: 12:58

Soon you can become the eccentric Time Lord and zip through time and space yourself using the Tardis. Yes, I’m talking about Doctor Who. A fully-interactive VR game is coming featuring the voice of the Doctor’s current incarnation: Jodie Whittaker. Armed with the iconic Sonic Screwdriver, you’ll solve puzzles, fight with monsters, like the infamous Daleks and never-seen-before ones.

Espire 1: VR Operative

Image courtesy Digital Lode
  • Developer: Digital Lode
  • Release date: Fall 2019
  • Timestamp video: 13:33

Espire 1 is a single-player, stealth action game. As an Espire agent, you complete objective-based missions using an arsenal of weapons and gadgets. As the player, you use VR hardware in the game to remote-control the Espire 1 drone from the safety of a Control Theatre. This way the developers aim to help with motion sickness. So far, what we’ve seen you can use voice control to alert an enemy, take out enemies by punching the back of their head and dragging their bodies away. There are other stealth elements like this and there will also be a complete story mode and a timed challenge mode

Phantom: Covert Ops

Image courtesy nDreams
  • Developer: nDreams
  • Release date: 2019
  • Timestamp video: 14:25

Phantom: Covert Ops uses a unique VR design allowing you to use smooth locomotion without feeling motion sick. In this game, everything is on water. So you sit in a tactical kayak that you move around by actually paddling.

In the demo I played, I had a sniper rifle and a bomb in the kayak at my disposal. Using this, I had to traverse the water, hide in shadows, and it was up to me whether I would shoot a guard or go the stealth way. The mission? Prevent all-out war in a single night.

Facebook Horizon

Image courtesy Facebook
  • Developer: Facebook
  • Release date: Closed beta in early 2020
  • Timestamp video: 15:14

Horizon is a new social VR game by Facebook. It will be an ever-expanding VR world where you can explore, play, and create. There will be worlds to discover created by the community which can be anything. There will be games too that allows for friendly competition. All of which, you can also create yourself by using the provided tools that are easy to use. You are supposedly able to create a game inside this social game for others to play. This sounds like the start of a Ready Player One Oasis, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this will be like.

Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul

Image courtesy VRWERX
  • Developer: VRWERKX
  • Release date: To be determined
  • Timestamp video: 15:59

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is coming to the Oculus Quest. Armed with a battery hungry flashlight, you explore a big house, and soon you will find out that you are not alone. This game consists of walking from spot to spot to proceed with the story. Once you found the right spot, the next door or opening allows you to go further. The game is great at building tension and a bit of a warning; there are jumpscares in here. If you enjoy this genre, this is a game to pick up.

Five Night At Freddy’s VR

Image courtesy Steel Wool Studios
  • Developer: Steel Wood Games
  • Release date: 2019
  • Timestamp video: 16:43

The popular horror game Five Nights At Freddy’s is now also in VR, and an Oculus Quest version is in the works. This PC VR version of Five Nights At Freddy’s is a collection of classic and original mini-games set in the Five Nights universe. Here as well, you have to survive terrifying encounters with the killer animatronics.

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